Deformed Naughty Bunny Ears

Written by: Kapow

Via the shitty fuck-fuck Lithium forums

Has anyone else noticed that the Ladies Naughty Bunny Ears are drastically deformed?

I'm not kidding. They look sorta okay from the front...

Front of Naughty Bunny Ears

But if you spin your avatar around, the pink part of the ear - that should only be on the front - is on the BACK too!!!

Back of Naughty Bunny Ears

How ridiculous is that?! Please tell me that this was just a simple texture mistake, and not that whoever designed this outfit seriously has no clue about rather basic rabbit anatomy. Otherwise that's just kinda sad... Did they never get to play with a bunny in elementary school? Were they never taken to a petting zoo as a kid? Were they really that neglected? Like I said, sad, just plain sad.

Anyway. I hope by posting this, it'll be brought to the attention of the Home head honchos, so that hopefully they can correct this rather ridiculous error. I, for one, will not be buying that outfit until it's corrected.

Well, and until some other rather silly aesthetic aspects of that costume are corrected, but that's another matter entirely... Honestly, even aside from the anatomical inaccuracies, I think the ears look like cheap knock-offs of the Neptune ears that are already for sale in the Mall. Take a look, side by side; Naughty Bunny Ears on the left, Neptune Bunny Ears on the right. The only difference is the anatomical deformity and a slightly smaller scale on the Naughty Bunny Ears. The coloring, the flop, all the same. Even down to the positioning on the head.

Comparison of Naughty & Neptune Bunny Ears

The point remains, are the creators of Home's clothing seriously that lacking in creativity? We've already seen them rip off Chanel & the stylist from 'The Devil Wears Prada' with the Paris Modern outfit, as well as Marilyn Vance, the costume designer from Pretty Woman whose classic red gown worn by Julia Roberts was completely ripped off by Home for their Paris Classic gown. Oh, but they didn't just stop at the gown, oh no, they took everything, right down to the white gloves and blue earrings!

But now, in addition to all that, Home is stooping so low as to knock off other items already for sale in Home!? Again, just. plain. sad. I've designed a plethora of bunny costumes, all of which I'd happily give to Sony (in exchange for a free copy, of course). But no, they keep relying on people lacking the creativity to come up with something as simple as bunny ears! Bunny ears that aren't cheap looking copies of ears that have already been made by another Home developer. They've copied other designers, and now they're copying themselves.

Of course, what am I saying? They've already done that before too! Anyone else notice that the $0.99 Ladies Hip-Wallet Jeans are an exact copy of the default ladies jeans, but with a fanny-pack thrown on top? And they actually think they can peddle the same exact jeans for a buck and get away with it, without anyone noticing? *sigh* Pathetic.

/rant. Hehe.

Good point, Heather, we can only hope someone takes note of these fucked up costumes that get pumped out on a regular basis and eventually takes more time to produce quality items.


  1. Kapow, Leave this crap site and get you a writting job on a gaming site. No one comes here anymore.. Check the comments. no one cares anymore.

  2. i have a "job" at a gaming site.

    i like writing here too, so i don't plan on leaving anytime soon. but thanks for your concern, "whoever you are."

  3. I guarantee people keep coming here. All of 919 at least! ;) Besides, this site does a perfect job of capturing the extremes of Home. Major wins and fails are captured here by Kapow and HW with very entertaining flare. Kudos to the Home-Watch team. Keep on keepin on.

    Hey, totally different topic, but I heard back from a lawyer who is starting a class action against Sony for removing the OtherOS. If that pissed you off, send email to They have sent me some paperwork to fill out to get started. I bought both of my phat PS3s to use Yellow Dog, gaming and blu-ray. Not happy that my investment was hurt because of this recent move by Sony and hope all of us phat owners can send a strong message.

  4. i guy in the EU got $100 back from Amazon because of the removal of Linux, check out this article (which i wrote) .

    credit goes to Sankaku omplex and

  5. That's cool. Personally I wouldn't go after the retailer but rather the source of the issue, Sony. This would be like buying a car and then having a recall render the air conditioner inoperable. Sure the car still drives just fine, but it is missing functionality I paid for. Sure they say we don't have to upgrade firmware, but then we lose the PSN connectivity that was available when we bought the device. I think we have a case.

  6. yea, that's why i said you won't be getting any money from Sony without legal action.

  7. "Anonymous said...

    Kapow, Leave this crap site and get you a writting job on a gaming site. No one comes here anymore.. Check the comments. no one cares anymore."

    I just wanted to say that there are plenty of people who still read this site, even if we never post.

  8. I don't leave many comments on Home Watch either, but I still check it out every day, and so do many others, if the traffic report posted by Home Watch is accurate.

    Home Watch apparently captured the attention of quite a few Sony employees as well.

  9. a lot of people are scared to comment here or make it known that they even visit the site, because Lithium has them by their microscopic balls and they think if a MOD or Admin over there finds out they come to this site they might get banned from those shitty fucking forums.
    basically, they're pussies.
    i know a bunch of people, who are on my friends list, who will only comment here anonymously. and one friend, who i've know via PSN for 2 years now, has recently stopped commenting here altogether. and even after i called him out to his face and by leaving a comment here, he's still to scared to even come back to this site.
    i guess the Lithium/Home staff aren't the only people terrified of us.

    i'm not calling the anonymous posters pussies, i'm calling the people who are to afraid to comment or even admit that they come to this site, pussies.

  10. I wouldn't be so quick to judge. There are many different reasons that people don't post here, and even if it's because they're scared, I say it's understandable. It's far from easy to stand up for yourself with the amount of pressure some users, HCVs and HCMs put on you.

    I, for one, still have some lingering doubts, because I don't agree with some of the things you say and do (no offense). However, seeing certain users constantly trying to prevent others from expressing their frustrations about Home and the forums always brings me back. :)

  11. i know not everyone is gunna agree with me, and that's no problem. i'm just very blunt in how i feel about anything and if people like my opinions, that's cool, and if they don't, that's cool too.

  12. Oh no, it's not what you say about Home that bothers me. In that regard, I agree with you most of the time. What bothers me is what's being said about certain users. Sometimes I feel it's justified (e.g. Conrad_Max), and sometimes I don't. I also have to ask, what exactly do you do with the IP addresses you collect? Do you use them to look up information about your visitors?

    Anyways, I'm not trying to tell you what to say or do, I just felt compelled to reply to your comment. Most of the time, I stick to the shadows, only coming out when I feel it's necessary, but when I do, I tend to be just as blunt as you are, so it's not like I don't understand.

  13. no, i didn't mean just about Home, i meant when it comes to anything, i usually say what's on my mind without regard for others personal feeling the situation.

    and i'm not the one "collecting" IP's. i don't even have the ability to see people's IP's here, 'casue i'm not the owner of the blog. i'm just as vulnerable as anyone else here. but as long as you're not being a blatant dick face, you have no reason to fear this blog. there are some who are obvious "enemies" to Home-Watch, there are some who are with us, and then there are some who are indifferent towards what we do.

    when that guy (and i know exactly who he is and as everyone saw, i even called him out, here and to his face) made the comments he made, he was looking for trouble. he's not an idiot, although he's from Alabama, he doesn't fall into the Alabama stereotype(inbred, stupid, ye-haw hillbilly).

    that was a lot more then i wanted to type lol

  14. My problem is that the costume isn't slutty enough, especially for some of the women on Home. We've seen that some females love to dress their avatars like total whores/street hookers. They love those black/white thigh high boots that only hookers and strippers wear in the real world. They love standing around in that hooker pose. Makes me want to walk up to them and ask "How much?"

  15. FYI - am still frequenting this blog. Love to read the articles and the comments posted.
    Homeling affairs eat up tons of time direclty and am often all over the place keeping caught up on current Home happenings. Kinda like a bumble bee buzzing from one flower to the next and reporting back to the hive to let the let the others know what's what.
    This blog is a personal fave, and as long as it's up and current, visits here will continue.

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