Dirty Hippies!

According to this post:

I know this is not going to be a very popular post, but I really feel compelled to express my thoughts about this issue.

Two days after the most recent update and the SOCOM space, I looked out over a landscape of scores of white t-shirts with an AK slung over their shoulders. I have to be honest, the sight gave me a cold chill. I asked myself, "Is this the type of values we what to promote in our society?"

Many of you will respond with, "Its just a game", and you may be right, Home might be a game (the jury is still out on that one), but I am unclear how that justifies the glorification and public display of assault weapons.

We are not talking about a "display item" for your personal space; I didn't see any "gun safes" or "trigger locks" available as add-ons; You don't need to be part of the military or receive any special training about gun safety; You are just some guy in a t-shirt with an assault weapon.

I suppose I am feeling like this promotion was a little irresponsible. I'll take it a step further and ask, "Sony, what were you thinking?" I guess I can answer that one myself with a sound, "Ka-Ching!"

As much as I'd love to slap this whiny effeminate douchebag in the mouth, he-she brings up a good point. If home is going to cater to children, then why are they smearing their Call of duty knockoffs in childrens' faces? I have no problem with the guns for sure. But the fact that they promote violent war games in an open area exposed to impressionable kids, then we have a different issue.


  1. Bring on the guns, bitches, we gonna have ourselves a Tea Party! Who knew Heidi Anspaugh was an NRA lovin' republitard tea bagger. She's like the Ann Coulter of virtual reality.

  2. Sony is all about pushing M rated content to kids. That's their thing.

  3. well i gotta be honest i respect the guys views on the subject but it just doesn't bother me. i think i can speak for everyone when i say " it beats them having a real gun in their hands and shooting people IRL then a virtual world. it doesn't bother me but like i said i respect his opinion

  4. shit, wish i could shoot another mother fucker in the face in Home.