Free Realms, Home. One Social...thing to rule them all

If some of you don't know, Free Realms, the SOE developed MMORPG with 10 million+ [PC] users, will be showing a live demo for the PS3 at this year's E3.
So after reading this news, it made me wonder about a recent comment Buggie made. Which basically stated that he thought Home will be shit canned in around 18 months. Now, while all the stuff he listed sounded very plausible, this latest Free Realms development makes his statement seem all the more reasonable.

Free Realms

-an already well established game (Not social app.).

-1 year: 10 million+ users (probably has multiple accounts, doubt it's as bad as PSN)

-Level up system for characters, multitude of classes to choose from

-quests and events

-not a beta


-a buggy, glitchy social application

-2 years: 12 million+ users (including a shit ton of multiple accounts)

-crappy avatars with bad customization options

-dance offs

-hiding behind a beta tag

I could go on and on, but I'm not going to for now.
My point is, with two social networking M&M game thing things, do you which do you think people are going to gravitate towards?
Do you really think Home is going to last if they don't get their shit together? Or after a year and a half, and Free Realms has 10-12 more million users while Home is still pumping out t-shirts, will Sony finally put Home out of its misery?

I'm trying not to make any rash conclusions, but it's hard not to wonder about it.
What do you guys think?


  1. I wouldn't give a fuck as long as they transferred my items.

  2. I think you are on to something. Kapow... you just identified the real fate of Home. Users will be asked to migrate to Free Realms, probably with some credits to buy FR crap. 100 Kudos to Kapow, this IS the next step.

    I wonder if Sony has any contractual obligations to the publishers who have already invested in Home?

  3. hahaha I do hope so Buggie! I'd love to see the likes of Redbull and Diesel get legal on Sony's (useless) ass if they do pull the plug on home prematurely. Its the poor users who have spent 100's of $$$$$ on home I feel sorry for because sony will be taking away all their paid for content and as its written into THEIR terms and conditions they have every right to do so. When you tick the I agree box when u sign up for home, what you are in effect agreeing to is to have all your rights waived and for Sony to take a big rubber cock and shove it right up your ass.


  4. I doubt it. The Idea of Home is a VERY different one from that of Free realms. Free Realms is a game of its own. Home, on the other hand, is a 3D interactive version of a social networking service where ALL games and gamers can come to meet. Im not sure i can see others games being easily represented within Free Realms as a service to help promote other Sony products and game expeirences like Home does. And i cant see Free Realms coming close to the focus of social interaction and networking that Home was designed to have. Even tho Home has not realized its potential and taken advantage of its power in the networking and advertising departments, its sTill a WHOLE lote closer and more pratical than free realms (thats assuming free realms would even become an advertising and social networking platform in the future, which it will not, and until then, it cant compete on the same stage with home, they do different things, and have different tasks at hand) Its like saying World of Warcraft is going to put Facebook out of business. Those 2 arent comparable. They dnt provide the same service.

  5. yea, i guess that's why developers and publishers are clamoring to advertise in Home.

    oh, wait. . .

  6. Well, how do u advertise in Free Realms? In home, there is at least a system set up of how u can create content and push and expose an online community to your game. through spaces (public and private), movies in the theatre or around the plaza, events, clothing, and other purchasables. Even tho Home is not taking full of advantage of its advertising capabilities, there is at least a solid foundation to work with. Yes, alot has been done wrong in and with Home, but it was built for the purpose of advertising, a chance to make some cash for its self and partners, and as a social networking service for gamers, since game devs will come there to advertise and expand the experience of their game. This is far from being fully realized but free realms wasnt built for this same reason. Free Realms is not meant to be an advertising platform or a social networking site. They dnt do the same things. They offer different experiences and different services to their customers.

    so im saying, Free Realms will not take out Home. If home goes under, it will be its own doing. But the users of home are not going to leave home for free Realms. Did the users of home leave for WoW or any other online game? No, home is a collection of all games and all gamers (in its idealistic form). Free Realms is not. Or should we debate whether or not Neopets is going to take out home? People can do Home and World of Warcraft, and Free Realms and SIMS. But only WoW, Free Realms, and SIMS are competing in the same market. Home has its own market, it doesnt compete with games cause its not a game. Home helps promote games.

    the peanut butter company is not going to put the Grape jelly company out of business, unless one of those companies crosses-over into the same production as the other. Until both companies are making peanut butter, they arent competting directly for sales.

  7. Free Realms is a good 400x more entertaining than Playstation Home. I don't know if it will replace Home but I do know that Home is going down the toilet.

  8. WoW is not on the PS3, so that was a bad analogy.

    Free Realms will be on the PSN, not on a disc (i don't think, seeing as it's Free) along with Home. i imagine they will both be on the XMB. both being optional and free with extra DLC you can buy.

    So what you're saying is, Home is Supposed to be one big advert (*supposed to be*, key words) with a bit of chatting and virtual walking around.
    that seems to be your main argument, which, doesn't make Home sound any more appealing then it already is.

    Free Realms is a game (MMORPG). Street Fighter is a game. Battlefield is a game. WoW is a game.
    i'm, sure Free Realms will have some sort of minor advertising, if they so choose, just like every other Game out there. but much like other Games, Free Realms main purpose isn't to be an interactive commercial.

    and Home may have the tools (big electronic billboards and big screens?) for people to advertise in the application, but no one is really using those tools. i heard it's ridiculously expensive to advertise in Home anyways. who would want to lose money trying get their product "out there"? no serious game-anything (anything being journalists, dev.s publishers, gamers, etc) takes Home seriously. ever wonder why we rarely hear any news on Home unless it's on the PS.Blog? because gaming journalists know no one cares or respects Home ("no one" being the majority of the overall gaming community). so why would they want to hear news about Home?
    go look at the comments on pre-Home articles and post-Home articles. there's a huge difference in opinion. pre-Home comments being hype for all the cool things we Thought we were going to get, and post-Home comments being massive bitching about the things we still don't have and how shitty Home is.

    and why are there more movie and TV adverts (trailers) then there are game trailers? i thought Home was all about advertising games(according to what you said)?

    oh, never mind, i already answered my own question (because no one wants to use Home as a main way to advertise).

    so again, your whole advertising argument is pretty much moot.

    so, why might people start using FR more than Home?
    ever notice how much people bitch constantly when a new space doesn't have at least one shitty little mini-game?
    Free Realms is a game with a multitude of quests and events within the game.
    aka a reason to keep users coming back for more.
    so people get their game and mini games, or, quests, and they also get the customization and level system for their character. along with a big open world where you can chat with different people you meet.
    also, FR is an already established game, by now they have a pretty good idea of what their doing. the only difference is finally bringing it to the PS3.
    Home has like, a year and a half on FR and they STILL don't know what the fuck they're doing.

    that's where Home and Free Realms are comparable.

  9. Don't forget that FR has some decent employees at SOE running the show from San Diego. Home has fucking retards like CydoniaX, Locust_Star, etc smoking crack from San Francisco. The SD culture, and professionalism, is going to crush the tards in norcal.

  10. true, i thought about that but didn't mention it.

    just because, we haven't met the MODs and Admin(s) of Free Realms, so i'm not going to say they're better or worse then the shit heads who run Home.

  11. Fair point, but for the record SD > SF

  12. oh, no doubt.
    I was born in San Diego and it's awesome.

    go Chargers.

  13. i dont know why people try to share an opinion against the trolls that run this site, such a waste of time. why dont ya's all fuck off and make a "we love lickin free realms arsecracks" site instead ya bunch of jokes.

  14. I'm so sorry for sharing my opinions, how dare I!

  15. You have to forgive the mindset of people like Anonymous@4:09am. They are well trained by Sony/Lithium to only express views that are pro-Sony and pro-Home. Any criticism of Sony/Home/Mods is considered blasphemous. They are caught in a little of a trap in that Free Realms is also a Sony product, but some of them have found the courage to attack FR in an effort to defend Home. You can only imagine the turmoil in their hearts and minds. Their current defense is that FR is just for kids but they are working on more excuses as others refute that claim.

    I sense much fear in these people. Desperation even. They see their world crumbling before them and they are scared. Lets try to be understanding and compassionate.

    Just kidding, fuck those tards.

  16. haha.

    i actually just made an account and played a little bit of FR last night and, yea, you can tell it's mostly aimed at the kid demographic, but it's still kind of fun.

    right off the bat you're already sent off on a quest (if you accept) and the game just does a good job of keeping you busy and emerged in the FR experience.

    unlike Home.

    i was also pretty surprised to find that basically every one of my screen names that i like to use had already been taken, which has never happened. i pretty much always have at least one name that hasn't been taken.

    so i went ahead and used HomeWatch >_> but your name within the actual game is different then your account name.

    but i imagine when it hits PS3 it'll automatically use your PSN ID

  17. Actual and ongoing quests in Home would be interesting.
    Perhaps something like, "Seek out the Homelings and introduce yourself to their leader, then seek out the Frostys and tell their leader that it's almost summer time."

  18. Forgive me now, as I'm deviating from the topic of this post, but what exactly is the point of the Homelings? I'm from the UK and I visit the N.A home occassionally and one thing I notice is you lot are all clan/gang mad. I've yet to have the "pleasure" of bumping into any frosties but ive seen some homelings and to be quite frank all I saw was some people standing around in attention pose and dressed the same, bald head echochrome suits. I ask you Nos as you seem to be organ grinder to your little army of bald monkeys, wtf do you get from it? All you seem to be doing is encouraging people NOT to be individuals, and to me that seems wrong. We have many twats and idiots (not saying the homelings are twats and idiots Nos so dont get upset) on the EU home but thankfully we dont have large gangs either where any sort of individual expression is discouraged. So Nos, please tell, whats the point?


  19. To be quite truthful, Spankie, the original point of Homelings was complete and utter domination of Home. The Homeling directive was to assimilate ALL Home users. No discrimination. No questions asked. And, although assimilation of the masses is still our focus, we found that not all beings are friendly (go figure), so certain criteria had to be met to be accepted.
    Although the Homelings in general are creative, fun, and friendly, we are not a circus act, nor are we here to entertain. Homelings exist for Homeling satisfaction. Indeed you will observe what would seem to be groups of Homelings just standing at attention conversing with each other and onlookers, but there is much involved with Homelings that goes well beyond Home. Home is indeed the place of our birthing, but we are not limited to its realm. If home were to end, the Homelings would carry on. Homelings are not a gang. We are not a clan. Not a cult. We are Homeling. There is no "club" in Home that can be used for comparison, nor are we easily explained.
    Homelings is unique. Having a point is pointless.

  20. I have tried Free Realms, and it is by far worse than Home, from an adult standpoint. Free Realms is nothing more than a carebear's wet dream, and only suitable for children. I can see it becoming the "safe haven" for those under 13 and not allowed on Home.

  21. @ Nos, thanks for the lengthy answer. But I still dont see what makes you unique. My limited observations of the homelings, yes I say limited as I havent had chance to speak to any of you at length yet, led me to the conclusion that all the homeling collective (sorry if thats the incorrect plural for whatever you are) represents is the supression of individualism and as I said before I think that is wrong. I'd love to speak you virtual face to face on home some time as you are certainly eloquent and seem to be intelligent, just dont expect to assimilate me, I dress how I want, I speak how I want and I do what I want (which is why I support this Blog and what it stands for).

    So if u are up for it, hit me up with a PM on the ID below which is my UK one and I'll pay you a visit on NA home if you wish (nothing sinister,I promise).


  22. @jizzard-chan

    he only wants you to think their unique because their mission is unique. In practice, we are exactly like any other club (but more fun)

  23. "Anonymous said...

    he only wants you to think their unique because their mission is unique. In practice, we are exactly like any other club (but more fun)"

    "their"??... "we are"??

    What is it really?
    "them"? or "us"?

  24. Sigh, Still waiting for Contact Nos, please don't tell me you are intimidated by little old me as I have challenged the erm "prime directive" is it? Perhaps you dont like speaking to individuals with a mind of their own? If thats the case I'm pretty disappointed as I thought you were better than that.


  25. Too funny, Spankie. Challenges are rare indeed when they are in fact a challenge. Even more so is intimidation.
    Once the control module has been fired up, adding your PSN ID may be a possibility. Would mean deleting another, but perhaps a temporary friendship would be understandable. For PR sake.
    We all have minds of our own, and not all are willing to assimilate right away. You're definately not alone. For now. hahaha

    Hope this stupid comment takes this time. Hate trying to post the same thing twice... can never remember what was typed.

  26. Nos, I'm not trying to intimidate at all, you misunderstand. I simply want to speak to you to gain an understanding of what the homelings do, I dunno, view it as a pet science project or something of mine. I'm curious thats all, as we dont have activity of this kind where I'm from. As Ive stated twice before now though I'm not sold on how individual expression seems to be frowned upon in the homelings, and the remark you made about people within the homelings all having a mind of their own I've yet to see proof of. I'm not attacking you as an individul per se, I am however challenging the possible brainwashing tactics that are employed here. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but from what I've witnessed so far thats exactly what it looks like to me. Please prove me wrong? Ive also had a quick squint at the homelings website, Fluidic space is it? I must say I had a good old laugh at the images posted on there. You look like Cancer ridden space Nazi's but, what ever turns you on I guess...

    Looking forward to hearing from you old bean. ^_<


  27. Was not implying that you were, Spanki. Merely making a statement, as intimidation on Home is all in one's mind. Speaking of minds, brainwashing seems too invlolved and sinister... doesn't really sound like much fun.
    Our general appearance is inherant as Homeling Mother was hairless and alien looking.
    Was a pleasure making your aquaintance this evening.
    Btw, do not really feel the need for validation from any being for any reason. We have nothing to prove :)

  28. Yes it was nice to meet you, although you might want to keep Tenchu or whatever his name is on a shorter leash if our paths cross again, his personal digs smacked of insecurity and he's the reason I left so soon. Anyway, thanks for the meet and greet. Still cant see the point in the uniformity and never will but there you go, perhaps we are just a little more mature where I come from LOL ^_<


  29. I think a reason might be because he simply can do it. He did it, and executed it very successfully. Even I made a snazzy homeling outfit.

  30. Tenchu is Tenchu, Spanki. Whatever yourself and he have going is between you two. He is an individual after all, and is his own responsibility. That being said, your line of questioning can come off somewhat offensive (even provoking), and the manner of superiority you exude does not help your image or your representation of your region.
    There is no need for you to understand why Homelings do what we do. We are not harming anyone, nor are we harming PS Home. We love PS Home, and that is a huge common that all Homelings share. In fact, it has been said by some that if not for Homelings, they may have left Home long ago and perhaps would have never realized its glory. So, in a sense we may be helping Home.
    One thing you cannot deny, Spanki; Homelings are a well known and respected entity on Home. And we shall continue our occupancy.
    Maturity is in the eye of the beholder as much as anything. The level of maturity we deem ourselves as opposed to and others, is only our personal opinion. Does not necessarily mean that others see it that way at all.

  31. Please strike one "and" from the above comment.
    Appreciated :)

  32. LOL yeah, I always try to provoke,I'm pretty good at it even if I do say so myself, and lesser beings usually bite, as I proved when we met. =) As for the superiority I exude, I cant help that, I'm just awesome I guess!! ^_< Personal digs at my nationality I dont appreciate however. Its called GREAT Britain after all. What other countries are referred to as great?

    I do agree with you however Nos, about the well known part with regards to the Homelings. Respected however is another matter, I would perhaps use another word to describe how the rest of the community percieves you, but as I dont wish to get into a flame war here, I'll keep that one to myself.

    Ok I'm done with this topic now. NEXT PLEASE!

    Spankie-Jizzard (superior being) =D