I love a good milking!

Each week, Locust_Star posts in his flamboyant-style writing the latest update news. Which can usually be summed up in five words: "New content, give us money!" However, each week folks post in the comments field all kinds of negative replies. I figured before it gets too large I'd post some of them:

i don’t get it, we are constantly forking out cash in HOME and we still don’t have features we’ve been asking for 3 years now, what are you guys doing with all that money?
NHL Jerseys??? come on…
Locust.. can you please answer this.. Are you all working on the missing main features, like televisions, and working radios, trophy room/hall of fame.etc. ?? would be gratefull if you reply..
I really wish you all would update the mall, specifically the treads stores, because it’s been going on 2 months since the last update, and there really aren’t any fresh articles of clothing out, especially for the men. I’m not trying to be demanding, I would just like to see, more clothes; pref-ably fashionable clothes. The mall has been very stagnate.
will the community items be free or will you be milking us from our ideas?
It’d be real nice if those Lithium employees didn’t give me a perm ban from the forums.

Okay neat on the event front, but seriously we need a features update. Even in-game music would be something at this point. Just the ability to listen to something else while in home.

But seriously, open voice chat (with friends only and off options for nay sayers), stereos and tv’s need to be implemented soon.

Please tell the guys who write code for Home, that the games saved on your harddrive need to be organized better

You know we can’t look in the playstation forums on our PS3 right. then why say go to the playstation forums for more information

Why does home keep getting so much junk. We are the cash cow of the Homes. Japan gets quality stuff. EU gets quality stuff. But US gets so much that it’s unorganized and most of it is just junk that isn’t related to anything. We need to get home back on track.

We need games or some type of game sharing for personal spaces. Something like the arcade machines that doesn’t kick you from home and something multi-player. chess table, some board games, Pool tables, old school games PS one classics ANYTHING to do in an apartment would be cool

I’m saying they’re giving us too much useless junk. We’re the cash cow. We just get stuff because they know we’ll buy it. I’m saying other regions have less stuff but what they do have is quality stuff.

I’m very dissapointed at the absolutely abysmal “updates” home has gotten. I’ve been on in excess of 9 months and not 1 single bug has been fixed. on the contrary they’ve gotten much larger, more frequent and more numerous and quite often lead 2 my ps3 having fatal crashes. I’ve deleted home and re-installed many times to no avail. People at sony need to wake up to the fact that beta testing is there to find and elimnate bugs not fob overpriced unwanted virtual junk on the public.


  1. The final comment above is spot on, especially:

    People at sony need to wake up to the fact that beta testing is there to find and elimnate bugs not fob overpriced unwanted virtual junk on the public.


  2. When will the Sony sycophants realize that Home is only there to milk them with sales of cheap shit. They have no plans on improving Home. Once people figure this out Sony with shut down Home for good. They never intended to remove the Beta tag.

    Here are your indicators that Home will be shut down in < 18 months
    1. High rate of attrition for users past 30 days using service
    2. Sony has hired unskilled labor for community management positions that interact rarely with community. No long term planning is obvious in Sony's failure to staff Home adequately
    3. Very low ROI for publishers, costs over 100k to produce new campaign/space
    4. Sony only releases qty of new users activating Home, not returning users. Actual figures, if released, would be quite embarrassing for Sony
    5. Focus is primarily only on creating low design cost, high profit clothing items.
    6. Failure to fix numerous system bugs over 6+ months also indicates no long term focus on platform

    EVERY SIGN POINTS TO FAILURE FOR HOME. You really have to feel for the people that have $100's invested in Home items because they are about to lose it all. Sony's just trying to maintain item sales volumes riding on waves of new PS3 customers. Once they reach the next saturation point, game over. Home is dead anyway for PS4. They won't make the Home mistake again (Sony's view, not mine. They could have kicked ass with Home but instead they are just kicking the ass of every loyal customer.)

  3. @ Buggie

    True true..well said...Now am pondering should I get any more HOME virtual items. Indeed am one of the few skeptical participant to see how far will HOME last and how will it all end and what the outcome would be. That's too bad when HOME first announce by Phil Harrison at E3 as a promising online communication product for the PS3, but having no promised trophy room or all the cool gadgets to stream vids and MP3s into HOME its becoming a redundant money gouging program with out new improvement.

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  5. home is going died in 2011, Home SUCK..