If you're wondering where the PS Home update is...

Written by: Kapow

here it is, although, it's not much of an update:

-Irem Festival finally gets the Goldfish game, which brings a few new items to win.

-This nifty "Tester guitar."

-Some shoes for the females

-And some "Ancient Greek" items to put into your apartment that can only hold a handful of the total amount of furniture you already have.

The big thing they're pimping this week is the AvP "dance off." "Whoever wins...we lose." That's all I have to say about that.

Now, enjoy this funny comment I saw in the PS.Blog comments section, under the AvP post:

Well played, Mr.Mayor, well played.


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  2. Love that comment at the bottom...Well played indeed.

    Failed on my first comment.

  3. hahahahaha Home_Mayor is Cult's alt! I love him! <3