The Lack of Creativity. . .

From the forums:

So... This AvsP 'event' is the 5th or so dance off on NA Home. I think a dance off every now and then is fine, but the majority of ALL our events have been dance offs. Not to mention all these events are only being held in Central Plaza, when Home has a variety of spaces to choose from. Even if home was prohibited to only use core spaces of Home for events... we have the gamers lounge, the mall, the bowling alley, numberous theaters, etc.. We even have the presentation podium, that can make its return during events or something.

Most of these events were given rewards for participating. Kudos. However this 'event' doesnt. So not only are we particiapating in an event that is basically the same thing as most other events on NA Home, we're encouraged to buy these $$ costumes for the event with no reward granted. Hell... I cant even be with my friends at this event because my PS3 just froze up 5 times after accepting an invite to different central plazas. This is damaging my hardware shutting my system on and off like that. Please, make events worth while, The lack of creativity really has me wondering 'Why'.

Suggestions for future events:

1. Events around Home in different spaces, not just central plaza.

2. RPG style events like that of our friendly neighborhood Japan Home.

3. Events that dont consist of Free vs Paid/Paid vs Paid items by "dancing off"

4. Something BIG, like the Xi event. That event had the forums active and more users involved.

5. How about an event that requires us to obtain unlockable items from the games around home, and use them to access other parts of home, to complete another challenge. For example, you need the echochrome outfit to access theater 5, which gives directions on what to do next, etc...

Get creative Home! Dance-offs are getting played out, seriously. At least give us more dance emotes if we have to endure more 'dance-off' events than something more creative.
Couldn't have said it better. However, CydoniaX in all her worthless manhand glory disagrees:

We also thought people were tired of dance-offs, but YOU the users wanted to throw them! As long as people are having fun, where's the harm? No one has to buy anything to participate.

That said, we do encourage everyone always to "think outside the box" and throw different types of events in different spaces. And until we get an events space, Central Plaza IS our best events space! But keep throwing out your ideas, we love them!


Of course, she fails to acknowledge that every single suggestion made for events is either locked/linked to a suggestion topic, moved to support, or just flat out ignored. She is soon owned with the following message:

Don't buy the whole "user run" event scenario. Sure, an unpaid representative for Sony helped organize it and make posts about it, but this was an HCM/HCV deal the whole way. How many users/clubs get posters for their events splashed over CP posters? Hey Cyd, I'm going to have a free blue shirt vs free white shirt dance-off. You gonna get those posters in CP? I didn't think so.

I would like to see this event come to life ASAP!


  1. now thats an awesome poster at the water fountain. i'd pay to see that in central plaza

    lol manhands

  2. Sorry I have to share this. I remember once she patted me hard on the back at the office. I thought it was Shaq until I turned around. She is not as bad as you make her out. But very close.

  3. There's a gaping difference between Community-run Events, Staff-run events, and HCV events.

    There's a limit to what kind of events we average joes are allowed to pull of. We're not programmers, so they're all going to roughly be pretty similar to each other. Mostly giant costume parties or hang-out sessions.

    If you give a man a job to do, at least give him the tools.

  4. So its Buggie_Technica after all...

    "Buggie said...

    Sorry I have to share this. I remember once she patted me hard on the back at the office."

    Wow, man-hand! O__o

  5. Please don't put pics of my ol' lady on your blog posts... :)

  6. cydonia is an ass

  7. This Dance-off event was all user-created with the help and support of GlassWalls.
    If you don't like these events then post your ideas on the forums and create one! No need to come here and complain about how much you didn't like it or people purchased an item to have fun, ok?

    This event was very well done and took a lot of hard work to pull off, even SEGA loved this event and has the awesome video uploaded on their own site! This single AvP* (you have a typo) event was bloged about, it's on twitter!

    So you want an RPG style Home event? Like what? Post more information on the Home forums and see what others think! If it works then hey, it worked! If not then don't come here and complain. Haha, the chances of this reply even making on this site is very slim (my other reply didn't make it) because it seems you know I am right, face it.

    PlayStation Home is a community, grow up and become active like others, and myself! - I'm not an HCV, not staff, nothing but just another user and I have created BIG events and have proof to back'em up. Get what i'm saying.. hmm?

  8. we blog about it here because obviously everyone comes here and reads what we have to say (not literally everyone, but still).

    and they should call it a *privileged* user event, because only HCVs and users that are in tight with management are able to do something like this. any other average joe user would be told to stick their ideas into the monthly thread. until some no name, no status user becomes able to call GlassWalls into private meetings within Home, do not call this a user created event.

    also, blogger* has two b's (you have a typo).

  9. Hahah, I see the typo but just f.y.i. Blogger has two g's not two b's. ^_~

  10. Hahaha, awww! - What, I can't reply saying you made a typo fixing a simple typo of mine?

    You said: "also, blogger* has two b's (you have a typo)." Well that's not true... blogger has just one B my friend.

    Anyways, know i'm sure this won't make it but you'll read this either way. Just post all of your creative ideas on the Home forums (if they're good) then users will make it happen. It's NOT about who hangs with staff. It's not about who is "tight" with managers. You must be one of the users who say "OMG, THE GlassWalls, I SEEN GLASSWALLS!" am I close? You prolly save pictures then stare at them and wonder what you can do to make that guy look bad... -tisk tisk tisk-

    (Gonna let me post making you look dumb or what?)

  11. no, you're making yourself look pretty dumb right now. are you confused as to which website you're on right now ( google blogger sometime. hell, it's simple grammar.

    bloger (one g) would be pronounced like:
    blow-ger, or something.

    even your computer is trying to tell you you're an idiot by placing red squiggles (two g's) under your incorrectly spelled word.

    blogger (one who blogs) is spelled with two g's:
    blog-ger. i think your thinking it's: blog-er (blah-ger) which is wrong.

    you sound like those dumb fucks who put e's before i's in words that end in "ing."

    "im makeing a post on teh lithium forums, derp derp derp."

    but it seems at least you can get That right.

    and if i wanted to talk to someone in charge, i'd skip the HCM's and just talk to Jack. Glass seems like a cool person (from the conversations i've had with him), at least when you talk with 'em, he has the common decency to *act* kind to you. unlike Locust and ~HEIDI ANSPAUGH~ (gotta keep that going).

    also, i got myself banned from the lithium forums, so stop telling us (others have been banned too) to post in that place.

    we post here, because we're raw and uncut. we don't have to worry about bus drivers and pizza delivery boys busting our balls all the time.

    remember, two g's.

    ooohh, you must be the Moreno Valley Troll, cool beans. it seems you were properly labeled.

  12. also it's dark and i can barely see my keys, unlike Some people, i have a job i need to wake up and got to tomorrow, so i'm trying to sleep. jerk :'(.

  13. Moreno Valley Troll Here and your way off Kapoop! Whoever that is up there makes a good point though. I guess you had no good reply for them so you went back to what you guys do best.. Personal attacks. I'll just browse and not post. You guys can't handle civil conversation.

  14. LOL - It took you 11 minutes too write that all up? I'm sitting here just trying to think of what to say because i'm confused.. "Moreno Valley Troll, cool beans"?

    Trying to guess where I'm from now are ya? Well let's say you're WAY off. You don't know me but I know of you and I know stuff like, you live at Home with mom. You're 18? Trying to get into college but isn't far enough yet. You write on another site? And yes, you don't know me.

    Listen, enough with the dumb stuff. My point was that this AVP event was user-created as the people who created it are simply users, not staff. lol..

  15. oh, yea i'm wrong. you're now the New Palestine troll.

    sorry for confusing you with Moreno. and yea, i'm 18. good detective skills (sarcasm). did people not know that? i thought i've told this stuff to a lot of people already. here's you ~Late Pass.~

    you might think living at home with your parents at the age of 18 is bad, but what's worse is;

    most of the trolls we get here were born in the 70's :X

    so you're saying it's sad that an 18 year-old kid still living at home is sad, but not 30+ year-old people that have nothing better to do than troll a small blog.
    and i'm actually in college, i work, write here and at a new gaming news site (we need more writers!), actually have a social life with real, non-virtual people, and am a hardcore gamer.
    among other things.

    my point was, the AvP event was done by users who are at a higher status, or, unpaid employees if you will. that, and blogger has two g's in it. lol..

    alright, super cereal now, going to sleep. i'll be happy to debate you into your corner tomorrow. we can even get into a PSN chat, i'd rather use my voice.
    i'm sure with your awesome detective skills, you already know my PSN ID.

  16. Yeah I know your PSN ID. I'm not 30+
    I'm a gamer also, but why did you say you need more writers? Haha.. trying to get me on board. No thanks. But i'll check it out, if I get a chance. Anways, go to bed dork.

  17. i wasn't saying You were 30+, but i've noticed a lot of the people that come here, not just trolls, were born in the 70's

    and we need more writers because i'm the only asshole writing there, so we're not able to put out all the stories that a Joystiq or a Kotaku is able to put out on a daily basis.

    and now i can't sleep at all. i'm pretty excited to go into work tomorrow and before i go into work, i'm gunna go buy a Motorola Droid and then after work i'm going on a two "vacation."

    i'm thinking of just staying up for the rest of the day.

    so add me on PSN if you want.

  18. Anonymous Said he had proof he has created "BIG" events on Home. They are "confident" in these events and the proof SOOOOOOOOOOOO much that they CANT use their real name???

    No one has a problem wit u being nameless, but dnt do it and then brag about urself and claim you have proof of events YOU organized when we dnt know who YOU are. How is that proof? U r nameless. There is NO way for us to know u accomplished BIG events on Home if there is no user name to look for. Can we see some proof??
    (you offered it, you had to have thought someone was going to take the bait or call your bluff)

  19. CRUNKRIS, Hello & Welcome back. I have been given the title Moreno Valley Troll. I just browse but wanted to say the Nameless guy your talking about was attacked pretty good up above your post. Giving his name to Home watch would only add to the attacks. Anyone who helps with anything that people enjoy in home this site will find something negative in it and exploit. But I understand your point Crunk. WB.