Recently the latest tacky, ugly item Home failed at has been getting some attention. Not just because they are the ugliest damn item you can buy short of the Burn Zombie Burn heads, but because they made no effort to make them racially universal. These are the horrid and grotesque Anime masks. Why they are called that is a mystery, because the look more like fucking aliens then any anime character. Get our your wallets suckers.

What makes these "racist" in some opinions is the complete lack of effort to allow them to change skin tone. You may have noticed most every item that has visible skin, if it's a head, or a torso, or a hand will change with the skin color. These will not. But is it just laziness or a simple lack of giving a shit about anyone with a brown tint? It does seem curious that the anime heads will in fact change hair color as you select it. I guess allowing curly, wavy hair textures to change color is easier then the dull, lifeless features of the face.

Who is to blame for this horror? All signs point to Home Hitler. (seen in this file photo with a member of the HCV planning to group report someone for dancing too close to them) Home Hitler, or HH, has been seen floating around Home, attempting to create a level of censorship, bigotry, and fascist control of it's users. When told that the Home Staff had already accomplished this, HH responded with "Es scheint, dass ich siebzig Jahren am Ende!" (Looks like I'm 70 years too late!)

The concept of these anime heads not shifting skin tone is a real kick in the face of the basement dwellers of North America, who have always believed in the purity and racial harmony of their glassy eyed japtoons. Because anyone who's watched any anime is aware there's no racial bigotry or stereotyping! Ask Mr Popo:


  1. Mr. Popo was an alien btw. how about Bob Makhiara, he was black and i think they did that character justice:

  2. Mr Popo was the bomb.

    Too bad they took away his poor grammar and huge lips in the English version to make the show seem more politically correct.

  3. hahaha, did they do that in the uncut version too? i wonder how he is in Kai, i haven't watched any of it yet because i personally can't STAND Goku's voice in the japanese version

  4. OMG! I want der fuhrer costume! Mr popo is HAWT too. Spankie_Jizzard (currently banned)