Meet & Greet with Jon Favreau in EU PS Home

Written by: Kapow

In the Audi public space, there are two terminals that will be your way to enter a competition to attend a Q&A with Jon Favreau, director and actor in the Iron Man films.

One lucky winner of the competition will be invited to attend a Q&A with Jon Favreau, which will take place in a private Audi personal space within Home. The event date and time will be confirmed soon, however is expected to be on the weekend beginning 23rd of April. You’ll also be bumping virtual shoulders with a selection of hand picked international journalists from online film and game sites.

Full contest details will be made available soon via the Iron Man 2 terminals in the public Audi space.

Now one question comes to mind when reading the Fuck did they rope Jon Favreau into this??

But this is pretty cool none the less. If you have an EU account, whether you live in the states or not, I suggest you give this contest a shot.


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