More visits from 919

Our good friends at 919 are still very interested in us. It's the only reason I haven't rerouted their IP address to an all bukkake porn site. What I have learned thusfar:

Remember when we pointed out where deleted posts go to die? Well it seems they have removed that forum entirely. Or renamed it. Either way, we win. It also appears that the blog was discovered while doing a Google search of the name "Geoffrey Nahashon." A quick web search shows he is "Art Lead for Playstation HOME Internal Development." Don't worry Geoffrey we have nothing against your job (Although Home does look like ass) we're more interested in the people you work for.


  1. Anyone up for a Home-Watch-Con in the 919 parking lot? Everyone come dressed as their avatar and let's hope there's not much wind.

  2. haha, yea, and someone bring a big boombox and just blast white noise, that way it'll really feel like Home.

    excuse me, not white noise, """"ambiance."""

  3. deleted posts go to Not Found > Not Found