The POWER of the Mods

According to this post:
I like all of the MODs, now with the exception of Allojal as of last night. Last nght, Allojal made my character freeze in place, and then warped me to his / her personal space and stand against a wall, not being able to move for like 20 minutes while only saying two things to me. I have also seen AdamPwns talk about this and his videos of it on Youtube. The MOD should have just told me what I did wrong instead of isolating me from my friends. This is ridiculous. I understand they are doing their job, but it is a completely immature way to do it. They have too much power, and I believe that Allojal is going beyond his responsibilities. But then again, that's just the power of the Mods.


That's why I got teleported lol.

Not that the "stand in the corner and think about what you did" crap isn't outdated, but isn't it excessive to do to CUSTOMERS?


  1. Yeah, it happen to me once which the MOD froze my avy and teleported me to the alley of Nepalese village when I didn't even talk crap about the MODs. I just paraphrase saying that MOD sometime power trip against users and same thing happen with me, froze and put against the wall. What I do to encounter that? If you can not sign off HOME, just shut off your PS3. They can't control you shutting your PS3 and restart can they? Those power trip MODs! As well after I restarted my PS3, I gone back to the same instance where my friend witness me being teleported by the MOD and nothing happen to me after.

  2. dont know why they dont just turn off their ps3 and log back in again

  3. They're still doing that? Ha.

  4. Could not figure out how to start a new post, so I decided to comment here. I felt it important enough to bring to your attention. Please move to appropriate location.

    This was posted to the PlayStation Home General Forum yesterday and quickly deleted by the MOD’s

    Here is the text of the original post:


    The current law behind the class action suit against sony for breaking thousands of PS3's with FW 3.0 and FW 3.1 shares many similarities with what has happened with FW 3.21

    It took months for the class action suit for 3.0 to come around, and it will be months from now before attorneys begin discussing the class action lawsuit for 3.21. I've contacted the attorney's for the class action suit against SONY for FW 3.0.

    The class action suit currently underway against SONY for FW 3.0 shares similarities with 3.21 by alleging the following:
    violating consumer protection statutes,
    deceptive business practices,
    breaching the implied warranty of merchantability,
    committing the common-law tort of negligent misrepresentation
    becoming unjustly enriched by its actions with FW 3.21 (i.e., you've got to buy another console to do what 1 console did before)
    committing the common law tort of trespass to chattels (intentionally interfering with the lawful use of another's private property)

    See also...

    Besides the fact that we all know a company cannot just waltz in and take something away from you that you've legally purchased and now own. It is always nice to educate ourselves further and be prepared. This post appears to greatly anger the Gods of Moderation so expect it to vanish from time to time. I'll be sure to find it.