PS Home Update, 4/14

Written by: Kapow

-New, SOCOM OPFOR public space
-Assemble an Assault Rifle within the space in 12 seconds or less to ear a Golden AK-47 for use in SOCOM: Confrontation. (My thoughts: Cool! Would be a LOT cooler if this kind of feature wasn't being used on a dying, beaten, and bruised title such as Confrontation. Especially since the true sequel to the SOCOM series is right around the corner.)
-There's also another mini-game, the 5 Finger Fillet (This brings back memories)

-The Monkey Island items finally make their way into Home.

-Gamer's Lounge update:
-Added: Music (no, not Japan's Music Cafe but still, music)
-Added: "Liars Dance" mini-game
-Added: Twitter Ticker
-Added: Survey that rewards you with a virtual item (yes, like in Japan. FINALLY!!)

-Game Launching (and hopefully all future events) will now be held in the Gamer's Lounge, rather than the freeze trap that is the Central Plaza. (I guess that's a step in the right direction, but I hope they actually fix the Plaza, rather then just redirecting people away from it during events.)


  1. Sometimes I wish they wouldn't copy stuff straight from Japan Home. I know it's far too much to ask, but they should take what we all like about Japan home and make it better. Half the time, they end up making it worse though (except Locoroco and Irem)

  2. Too bad the Gold AK isn't a Home unlockable item, though. I would love to fire a three-round burst into a griefer's face.

    ...Or, at least, put it in my Yacht to repel pirates.

  3. yea, i thought you might like something like that, gman. you gunna get SOCOM 4?

  4. I stand corrected. Assemble the gold AK in less than 12 seconds and you DO get a gold AK ornament. Except it's ALL gold, even the grip, stock, and handguards. D:

    And no Kapow, I don't play SOCOM.