13 year olds on Home

So waaaaaaay back in December a friend of ours promised to show the world what it was like to look through the eyes of a 13 year old girl on her first day on Home. Well, he lagged for months and finally sent the pictures in. What he saw actually surprised me.... and disgusted me. These were the rules he went by:
  1. No starting conversations, only speaking to people who speak to Amanda first.
  2. No talking about sex or sexually related topics. Kids should be protected from such.
  3. Mark down observations of sex, violence & inappropriate conversations for a young kid.

Say hello to "AmandaSmith1997." She is a 13 year old girl, and this is her first day on Home.

First off, why is an account set to a kid being hit with advertisements for violent movies? This was the first ad seen upon entering Central Plaza.

Another gory & violent movie advert.


Then Amanda met this guy. "Chargerpride77"

He continuosly tried to get "Amanda" to follow him.

He kept attempting to get "her" to go to his apartment

Amanda came up to talk to a couple she found in the mall. The female went nuts & screamed and threatened poor Amanda.

This was one guys reply to Amanda's age

This was a random conversation in central plaza. Unregulated for kids obviously.

Turns out this guy didn't care that Amanda was 13.

Just another random observation by a 13 year old girl. Why is "shit" censored and "shat" is not?

Here's the usual groin sniffing trolls in the mall. Where would the home experience be without them?
Well, more inappropriate conversations for a child to hear.

There were a few heros who wouldn't talk to Amanda. Kudos to acewest16.

Although he did insult her and (assumed) called her a bitch.

Two guys got into a tug of war match over which one was Amanda's boyfriend. Amanda didn't talk to nor request any type of relationship. These were two strangers walking up to her in Central Plaza.

Lincoln wanted Amanda to stop talking to other guys

I hope you do find a white girl, but is this something you announce to a 13 year old?

Awesome, a BDSM conversation just feet away

If you're older then 13 this is a laughable threat. But this could be really frightening to a young kid.

What about our friend Chargerpride77? Yeah. He messaged. A lot. And most were like this:


So bottom line? Home is not safe, nor an appropriate place for young kids. Home needs to be redone as a 18+ platform for social gaming. How is it that we can capture so many instances of MODs harassing people for using bad words, (That no one can see) however they cannot protect a 13 year old girl hanging out in the areas with the most traffic? Especially being harassed by sexual predators, insulted, blasted with violent movie ads, and even had guys "claim ownership" of her. 13+ huh? Time to reconsider.


  1. Home should be 18+ unless they start getting rid of the scum.

  2. But but Sony wants to use Home to advertise M rated games to ten year olds. Are you trying to fuck up their system? CydoniaX and Sony doesn't give a flying fuck if some girls or boys get raped in the process, she just wants little Amanda and Johnny to buy whatever they are pushing. Meet the HCMs, digital crack dealers for the 21st century.

  3. Son of a bitch. What is this world coming to with HOME. Indeed its a digital crack/whore town on the PS3 and no regulation to filter out the bad. Its either gonna be the next Second Life or simply like the movie Gamer. Its not save for kiddies to step into the HOME pool before someone rape them with profanity and mature contents...

    Btw, the post above me, is that you Buggie_Technica?

  4. so you want "openness" and "freedom" to cus and hollar, without being "censored" ...... after reading this article ... i know see how two faced and on drugs the writer is here. Hes prolly taking pills for being crazy and hasnt eatin them in a while. H-W ... your a schizophrenic right? you are so two faced its not funny. Find an identity man and stick to it. This is fucking sad and all these cats that are following you are kids ... kids with no family prolly .. no direction. Its just getting sad over here. Believe in something or you will fall for anything. IMO

  5. @anon 11:07
    thanks for continually reading and visiting our blog :D our haters are our most valued guests here (not really, you provide us with a lot of traffic but don't really contribute :( )

    although....you must not really be reading, because you don't seem to know what you're talking about. oh well, you can still look at the pretty pictures! :D

  6. Anon @ 11:07, as you've babbled incoherently without a point, we can only assume you're inbred and not the sharpest tool in the toolbox. You raised no point that can be defined, it seems you simply want to shit on the blog for the sake of doing it. Searching your IP back, I see you're from Alabama, so I stick by the inbred comment. I'll also assume you're a fanboy or a member of Lithium.

  7. IP harvesting for disagreeing ... that sure dont feel like lithium. I had a whole little ditty typed up but i will save it till i can talk to a freind that will calm me down on this whole "ip stalking" your doing.

  8. Nothing "stalking" about it. If you visit ANY website they have the ability to see what their traffic does and when. You can drop the "just like Lithium" card a thousand times, it'll never make a dick bit of difference. We are independently watchdogging and performing journalism. We are not a company of web development hacks who couldn't code their way out of a wet paper bag.

    Time to check out redneck, and for the love of god, I know alabama most folks drop out at the 5th grade, but learn to spell simple fucking words like "friend."

  9. can you feel it....a nerd fight is approaching.

    so let me say my peace before you post what you just told me:
    the owner of Home-Watch does not own me. he does not pay me. he does not blow me. therefor, i abide by my own rules. i do what i do for my own reasons. you're talking like this motherfucker is holding a knife to my throat every time i post or stir up some trouble. wrong. wrong. wrong. do you think i give a fuck that i got banned from the shitty lithium forums? c'mon. if i want to read the lithium forums, god damn i'll do it, i still check it once a week to see if there's any relevant news (there's not).
    i thought you knew me better than that fool. and you're sitting here calling other people pussies and telling me all of this, then fucking post it here. you're acting like lochwood, telling ME all of your problems like i'm fucking god or something. i'm not the one you need to be telling this stuff to, post your shit here and wait for a response from the owner of this blog.
    you should know all of this shit, you're not an idiot. i feel like i'm sitting down with little johnny teaching him how to do a barrel roll.

    c'mon. don't act so fuckin surprised dude. and i expect you to post what you said you were gunna post, i'm basically calling you out right now. come through with what you said you were gunna do.
    and stop acting like a brown nose while you're with lithium people, it's starting to look really fucking pathetic. just sayin', i don't like what you're turning into but i can't stop you, all i can do is tell you my opinions.

    <3 Kapow

  10. Hey, on the subject of Lithium... the head tool/mod just told me I can't link my sig to a website that has "inappropriate language". Those idiots really are making shit up as they go along. Fucking bus drivers.... I'm taking the taxi from this point forward.

  11. Home needs to be for adults 18+. I for one am sick and these fuckin kids coming up to me trying to talk to me. I'm 25 and don't need some 13 year old trying to be my friend. Kids and adults have no common interest whatsoever. Kids don't spend most of the money on Home, adults do. Who are the scum and harrasses on Home? Little fucking kids in default clothing with nothing better to do. It's time to make Home an adult ONLY place. Kids needs to be on WII and leave PS3 to the adults.

  12. This is absolutely, by far, one of the best posts you guys have ever, ever published. THANK YOU! This needed to be said, and more importantly, illustrated with full evidence, for all to see. It's horrendous what women - especially young girls - are exposed to.
    But you know what isn't talked about so much?
    What young boys are exposed to. These are the examples for them to follow? On a platform - the Playstation 3 - that most of these young boys will idolize? What does that teach them about the types of men they should grow up to be? What does it teach them about how they should treat women?
    So although it's of course disgusting to see how young girls are treated, I can't help but wonder what young boys are learning from these very same instances. I don't think children of either gender should be exposed to Home in any way whatsoever.
    And yes, 13, 14, even 15, still qualifies as a child.