Some "Rare items" available via website

A new website ( has been slowly spreading through the internet lately, claiming to be able to net Home users rare items.

Rare Items: Items that were available for a limited time that are no longer obtainable.

Yes, it works. But it's not stealing and it's a fairly short list of items. Half are free and half you still have to pay for.

The free items are things from events or games that unlocked free items in Home. Basically, the free items you get from the site were
already free and are no longer obtainable, AKA "Rare Items." So no one is losing money thus no one is stealing from SCEA.

The other items on the site are again Rare Items. You just have to
pay for these. So again, no one is stealing because people are still paying for these items. If anything, the Home staff should be thanking these guys for getting SCEA more money. You can even buy the Final Fantasy 13 items with U.S Dollars. Plenty of people already buy foreign items (Joanna_dark for instance, or maybe she just steals them, who knows) with foreign PSN cards. They either buy the foreign cards or get a foreign friend to send them a PSN card, etc.
So with these foreign items on the website, they are doing people favors by:

1.) Skipping the process of getting your hands on foreign money, and lets you buy them from the PS Store with U.S Dollars.
2.) And giving SCEA more money from Japanese items.

I might not have mentioned this (I'm not proof reading this right now because I need to head to class soon), but you download and pay for all the items listed on the afore mentioned website via the PS Store. So there's no, "Just enter your credit card info here on our site and you'll get instant access to free items!" Simply go to the link up top, click on the item you want, then close you browser (it'll ask you if you want to close) and it'll take you straight into the PS Store at the screen where you choose to download the item.
Although I have not tried to pay for any items listed on the site, so try this at your own risk.


Also, we do not endorse


  1. I'm going to check the TOS... if it is allowed then why they deleted every thread about this?

  2. I wonder what Sony thinks of this workaround. Is it against the rules to obtain items in this fashion, or is it merely looked down upon? Are there consequences for those who use this trick?

  3. idk if there's anything in the TOS about legally obtaining things from the PSN store through a website that doesn't have some kind of deal with Sony (like Amazon for example). And if the Home staff don't care if people Steal stuff from Home and (from any region) and hack their application, then i really can't see why they'd care about this.
    but who knows.

  4. Well, looks like I have somewhere to go when I get home!

  5. meh, the best things there was:

    R-Type hat (free)
    Killzone 2 pre order costume (free)
    and the FF13 costumes (for purchase, $5 a pop i think)

  6. You can also do this with Sony Media Go without PS3 from: Just download and then his those same links, or go to riot_officers post at code reality.

    Can't see how this could get anyone in trouble, other than the dumbshits at Sony that leave stuff in the database. Stupid fucking Sony. I'm ass fucking Sony every chance I get with my big 360 schlong.