Stop Misleading people!

Seems like every update there's a new way to rip people off:

He put the spaces on layaway. You put things on layaway that cost more than you can afford so that you can make payments on them until you finish paying. This is a poke at how expensive virtual items are. Potentially aimed at the fact that the ship + furniture is $25.

He mentions that Sony was dishonest and misleading in their description of the space because it references rewardS..when in truth there is only one.

He makes the point that he put FIVE spaces on layaway so that he can spite Sony and get MORE than just the one reward.

This is multi-layered sarcasm, made effective through intentionally busted logic and absurdity. In short....Laugh people.

We laughed. Until it was locked. Again, crybaby Home can't take a jab at their constant lying & misleading.


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