Tangent part 2: Boot up time

Written by: Kapow
Tangent Part 2

Ok, so a lot of you are probably thinking that, since this latest update, Home has been performing better than ever before. Fast load times, less errors, smoother interface, blah blah blah. And you'd be right for the most part. But one thing they have failed to deliver on is getting people into Home faster which, if I'm not mistaken, and I know I'm not, "getting people into Home faster" was one of the main things they were trying to accomplish with this latest update.

Here's where some of you will say, "nnooo, you're wrong Kapow, the boot up time is faster then it was before." Correct. From clicking on the Home icon on the XMB to the point where you get into Home's version of the XMB does indeed take less time. But, here is what some of you might be failing to see. Yes, you might boot to Home's XMB faster then booting into Home in the previous client, but, that is only covering up vomit with newspaper. For you see, once you actually get into Home's XMB, you still have to wait for everything to load. "Pre-caching items, verifying items, verifying purchased items, blah blah blah blah BLAH." You see all of that shit was originally placed into the black screen with "PlayStation Home" written across the screen. They simply moved it from one screen to another. So it might seem like the boot up time has been decreased, there for "getting people into Home faster," but don't be fooled, they've only shifted what screen loads what. You could get me on a technicality and say, "oh yea but technically you are in Home," and I'd say "fuck you." Because until you're thrusting you virtual pelvis into someone else's avatar, you are not inside of Home. You are simply in the waiting room, again, waiting for Home to load.
I guess they thought one of two things:

1.) "If we can just get them into our new XMB quickly, they'll think they actually are able to get into Home faster."

or 2.) "Fuck 'em, technically, they are getting into Home faster and if they still don't like it, fuck 'em."

Ok so it probably is #1, but still.
Anyways, DON'T GET ME WRONG, I think the new update is muy bueno, but I don't like the fact that they think they can just shift load times from one screen to the next and call it faster. It's not. And i think from the time you hit the Home icon to the time you get into the Home XMB is still to long. Sorry, that's just my opinion and I'm sure there are others who agree. This update was a step in the right direction, no doubt, but Home is still "not there" yet.

So to summarize:
Actually getting into Home still takes a long time, too long, but once you get into Home (walking around the virtual world, not in the XMB) it is faster than before.

Oh, and there are still a lot of errors, freezes, and glitches that need to be fixed....yea.


  1. I tested my times before and after the update and found that the verification process, strictly that, NOT the total load time HAS decreased by more than half.

  2. I dont know what the hell you are talking about. I own way to much shit on HOme, and my load times were around the 15+minute area. Now when I log in it only takes me roughly 3min to get logged in and head to a space. I love the load times now, no complaints here.


  3. I agree that it’s mostly an illusion that you are getting into home faster, but I will give them this. At least they allow you to read the message of the day while they continue to load in the background and they did away with having to babysit they entire process. Load the drive, click ok, read the msg of the day, click ok. That was a thorn in my side, so they get points for multi-tasking. Click on HOME in the XMB, go get a cup of coffee and when you come back, you are ready to go.