ToS updated

Written by: Kapow

Looks like Sony is sending out e-mails to let people know about changes to the ToS & User Agreement and the Privacy Policy.
The e-mail reads:

We are writing to provide you with notice of changes to the SCEA
Terms of Service and User Agreement and Privacy Policy, which will
be effective starting April 21, 2010.

Please visit
to review the new terms and policy. The revised Terms of Service and
User Agreement and Privacy Policy apply to PlayStation(R)Network
account holders and their Sub Accounts. The revised Privacy Policy
also applies to any visitors to SCEA websites.

If you do not agree with the new Terms of Service and User Agreement
or Privacy Policy, please contact Customer Service to terminate your
PlayStation(R)Network account(s) and do not visit PlayStation(R)Network
or our websites. Continued use of your PlayStation(R)Network accounts
by you or your associated Sub Accounts means that you agree to the
new Terms of Service and User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Continued
use of any SCEA website means you agree to the new Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or wish to terminate your accounts, please
contact Customer Service at




To ensure ongoing receipt of these emails, please add our "From"
address to your address book:

You have received this email because you opted to receive correspondence from us.

Please do not respond to this email. This is an automated mailbox.

Unsubscribe from the PlayStation(R) mailing list:

Please note that the unsubscribe process may take up to ten (10)
business days to complete. If you receive additional emails within
this time period, your request is still being processed. It is not
necessary to unsubscribe again. If you continue to receive emails after this
period, please contact Consumer Services on
More information on our Privacy Policy can be found on

"PlayStation" and the "PS" Family logo are registered trademarks and
"PS3" and "PlayStation(R)Network" are trademarks of Sony Computer
Entertainment Inc. (C) 2010 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC
919 E. Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City, CA 94404

I haven't bothered to read it yet, but you can read it here, and comment below.


  1. I wish Sony would have highlighted the additions to the TOS. As it is now, I have to read the entire thing (again) and have my attornies tell me what was changed. What a hassle!

  2. Was this in there before?

    "SCEA, at its sole discretion, may modify the terms of this Agreement at any time, including *****imposing a fee for creating PSN accounts.*****"

    Emphasis mine.

  3. I don't see anything unusual (for us) in the new ToS. We remove any protections you may have as a consumer regarding the quality and availability of purchased content. We can pretty much dry fuck you in your tight virgin ass without a reach-around and you will have no recourse.

    "Features, specifications, prices and content are subject to change or withdrawal at any time and SCEA does not provide any refunds..."

    Eat that, biatches! Stupid fucking Home lusers.

  4. Yay! I got my very own blogger ID.