Another failed event

Tonight was supposed to be the night of the MW2 Home event thing to celebrate their outrageous DLC.

Well, it seems yet another "event" has failed before it even had a chance to begin.
According to Locust_Star:

Hey everyone,
Unfortunately, Infinity Ward will not be able to host tonight's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 event, as previously announced (they will reschedule for a later date though, so no worries!) We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and we promise to do everything we can to make sure tonight's event is a fun time for all. To that end, our team will be standing in as hosts, and will be launching into multiplayer sessions of the new Modern Warfare 2 maps (Bailout, Salvage, Storm, Crash, and Overgrown). Event starts at 4:00pm PT sharp in the Gamer's Lounge. We really hope to see you all there!

But I was wondering, exactly Who from Infinity Ward would even come to host this "event"?
Here's a list of IW employees (strikethrough = no longer with IW):

Directed byJason WestRespawn
Engineering LeadsRichard Baker
Robert Field
Francesco GigliottiRespawn
Earl Hammon, Jr
EngineeringChad Barb
Alessandro Bartolucci
Simon Cournoyer
Jon Davis
Joel Gompert
John Haggerty
Chris LambertRespawn
Jon ShiringRespawn
Jiesang Song
Rayme C. VinsonRespawn
Andrew Wang
Design LeadsTodd AldermanRespawn
Steve Fukuda
Mackey McCandlishRespawn
Zied RiekeRespawn
Design and ScriptingRoger Abrahamsson
Mohammad AlaviRespawn
Keith "Ned" Bell
Mike Denny
Christopher Dionne
Preston GlennRespawn
Chad GrenierRespawn
Jordan Hirsh
Jake Keating
Julian Luo
Jason McCordRespawn
Brent McLeodRespawn
Jon Porter
Alexander Roycewicz
Paul Sandler
Nathan Silvers
Sean SlaybackRespawn
Geoffrey Smith
Charlie WiederholdRespawn
Art DirectorRichard Kriegler
Technical Art DirectorMichael A. Boon
Art LeadsChristopher CherubiniRespawn
Joel Emslie
Robert Gaines
ArtBrad AllenRespawn
Peter Chen
William Cho
Derric Eady
Steven Giesler
Jeff Heath
David Johnson
Ryan M. LastimosaRespawn
Oscar Lopez
Tim McGrath
Taehoon Oh
Sami Onur
Velinda Pelayo
Serozh Sarkisyan
Richard N. Smith
Theerapol Srisuphan
Todd Sue
Animation LeadsMark GrigsbyRespawn
Paul MesserlyRespawn
AnimationBruce FerrizBig Red Button Entertainment
Chance Glasco
Zach Volker
Lei Yang
Motion Capture IntegrationMario Perez
Technical Animation LeadEric Pierce
Technical AnimationNeel Kar
Cheng Lor
Audio LeadMark Ganus
AudioChrissy Arya
Stephen Miller
Written ByJesse Stern
Additional WritingSteve Fukuda
Story ByTodd AldermanRespawn
Steve Fukuda
Mackey McCandlishRespawn
Zied RiekeRespawn
Jesse Stern
Jason WestRespawn
Writer's AssistantAaron Tracy
CEO/CFOVince ZampellaRespawn
ProducerMark A. Rubin
Associate ProducersPete Blumel
John Wasilczyk
Office ManagerJanice Lohr Turner
Human Resource GeneralistKristin CotterellRespawn
Executive AssistantCarly Gillis
Cathie Ichigie
ReceptionLisa Stone
Creative StrategistRobert Bowling
PR Director, Owned Properties (ATVI)Mike Mantarro
Director Of Marketing (ATVI)Byron Beede
President/COOJason WestRespawn
IT ManagerBryan Kuhn
Systems AdministratorDrew McCoy
Information System AnalystChris Lai
Unix System ArchitectRobert A. Dye
Concept ArtRichard Kriegler
Brad AllenRespawn
Joel Emslie
Richard N. Smith
Neel Kar
Battlechatter DialogueSean SlaybackRespawn
Additional Menu ScriptingJulian Luo
Brent McLeodRespawn
Quality Assurance ManagerMike SealMeteor Games LLC
Quality Assurance Floor LeadsEd Harmer
Justin Harris
Quality AssuranceMary Benitez
Chelsy Berry
Candice Capen
Terran Casey
Michael Penrod
Anthony Rubin
Georgeina Schaller
Chris Shepherd
John Theodore
Daniel Wapner



  1. fuck shooting games anyways, they're so derivative.

  2. But but playing too much Little Big Planet leads to teh ghey.

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  5. hi Moreno Valley, don't you think it's a little late for you to be spamming us? don't you have a job to wake up to or anything?

  6. Post his/her IP and I may be able to post their address (depending on ISP). If they are time warner/road runner a friend of mine will run the query.

  7. That would be conrad_max and-or footballrule. Sounds like we need to take a little field trip to Moreno Valley. It is a shit hole in the desert. I can fly into Ontario and meet up with any locals who want to have some fun. BJs has some decent pizza. their microbrews suck.

  8. Prolly not conrad_max cuz he lives in Maine. Unless he is in Moreno Valley on naval biz out at March ARB.

  9. @anon
    he/she uses Verizon, but don't worry, i'm sure it's being taken care of.

  10. it's funny, he's looking at these comments right now and all of the sudden, he has nothing to say.

  11. Check out the kudos conrad_max and footballrule are sharing with one another. Over 40 each. That is some major cock sucking going on there. In the Navy...

  12. I kinda enjoy this game. They have to spend a certain amount of time filling up the text box, over and over. Then type the captcha over and over.

    All I have to do is hit a button and it all goes away.That just tickles me. Plus I have the option to hide the "This post has been removed by a blog administrator." text, yet I prefer to leave it there to show that I'm in control.

  13. eh, I'd rather just piss on em, you know, establish dominance the ol fashioned way.

  14. Well duh, I lmaao'd when I heard this message, I saw this post and I knew it was too good to be true.

  15. abs_asoccer brings up an excellent point. You'd think a HCM would be a little more in tune with the gaming news platforms. This is like someone booking and promoting a Beatles concert anytime after January 1, 1971.