Conrad_Max is a gay fish

In reply to a thread comparing Test Drive Unlimited 2 to Home, the King of cock sucking states:

Why? Are they competing? Are they offering the samethings? What about Test Drive and Need For Speed or Gran Turismo? Or GTA4 and Home?
 This is a forum for Home. Why compare Home to a game that will be forgotten months after it's been released?

"Why compare Home a game that will be forgotten months after it's been released?"
Hey, Conrad, if you love Home so much why don't you marry it? ha-haha-ha.
No, but seriously, get over yourself you stupid fuck. In case you hadn't noticed, Home has already been forgotten by everyone but you and the people who run it it. No one likes you except for the people that pretend to like you because they think your l33t because You think you're l33t so they think if they're friends with you they'll "get somewhere". But in reality, where normal people reside, you're nothing but a super troll who has buried his face into the ass of one of the biggest mistakes, one of the biggest blunders in gaming history. Your efforts are all for naught. You should redirect you're "passion" to something more worth while and reputable.Or maybe just get a life.
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