Harrassment On Home

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Lately, I've been watching my 16 yo daughter playing on Home and was amazed to see how she was treated by some of the people online. What amazed me even more was the apparent lack of moderation. I have heard there was always a moderator, sometimes seen, sometimes unseen. Now, my daughter can pretty much handle herself and she's not stupid enough to give out personal info past her first name. But not every child is like that, and THATS what troubles me. I think if Home continues to remain unsupervised (as far as I can tell) there will inevitably be an incident where a child gives out an address or decides to meet with someone from Home in real life, and wind up murdered or kidnapped or both. And I am not being overly dramatic. Why do you think they have FBI policing chat rooms? And that's all Home really is: a variation of a chat room. My daughter enjoys chatting with her Home friends and she's been telling me about this new premium service that will be coming out soon. But I'm hesitant to give money to a service that doesnt respect its current players enough to prevent a 30plus guy from asking my daughter for nude pictures of her in front of everyone nearby. And won't enforce their rules even after a report and a phone call. You gotta wonder sometimes.
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