Locust_Star shows his immaturity, unprofessionalism, and huge vagina

Ugh...where do I begin? All these events that I'm about to discuss took place over 3 months ago. Note: the screens I am about to show are only screens of messages I received, at the time, I didn't see a need to screen cap my own messages. Although some messages have quoted stuff I said.
With that being said, I suppose I'll get started...oh, and this is probably going to be really long, so get ready for a lot of reading.

So, let's go waayy back to this post I made: (go on click on it, I'll wait...)

So now some of you might be thinking, "Well what about the other part of the question??" Fear not, I have sent another PM asking, more directly, what steps they, the Home staff, are taking to prevent such things from happening.
I'll let you know when he responds.

Yea, well I never got a follow up to my follow up. Oh, and that question I sent Glass, the one quoted in that picture, I also sent that to Locust_Star and CydoniaX. Exact same question sent to all 3 HCMs at the same time. <<----remember that, that's important. Seriously, remember it.

Anywho, since I wasn't getting the answers I wanted, I decided to make a thread asking about it. That was a no no apparently, as it was deleted , quick. Twice. But on fellow happened to see it before it got deleted, and that's when I this guy whose name shall remain unsaid.

He/she (I'm gunna say he from now on, seemed like a he to me anyways) decided to make a the same thread, asking if hacking and/or importing stuff was allowed and what-not. He made two of those threads and both were shut down. He received warnings from shungokusatsu that were basically the same as what is pictured below:

And a few hours after that is when Glass replied to my original question. SO, now we're all up to speed on how all of this go started. Remember that serious business I told you to remember? Well here's where that comes in handy, also this is where the lots of reading kicks in..

So now about 2 weeks have passed, and CydoniaX has made a thread. Not just any thread, but a thread where the HCMs...actually manage the community! Oh what a joyous occasion this was, I mean, its not often these people actually do what they're job title is. I just went back and search a little bit for this thread but didn't have much luck in finding it, I'm sure it's there somewhere though.

Anywho, this was basically a thread to ask whatever questions were on your mind, and one of the HCMs would eventually answer it. So I took it upon my self to ask, again, about the hacking and importing situation. And my question was on the first or second page too, "no way they can miss this" I thought. but after about a day and 9 pages later, my question had still gone unanswered, So, what else should I do but post it again, so I did. I get bitched at for asking the same question multiple times and quite soon after that (perhaps minutes) my question had the book thrown at it.

But you see, I had to be smart about the way I asked about hacking and importing, because you're not even allowed to mention that stuff in Lithium's public. After pussyfooting around with Cydonia for a few back n forths within that thread, she invites me to ask her the question, straight up, in PMs. Ok, cool. So I go to start comprising a new message (same direct question) and before I could even get half way through, I noticed I had a new PM. I checked it...and this is what it was:

Funny, right? Does that give off a little hint of how often they actually check they're PMs? She replied to the original message I had sent to all 3 HCMs 2 weeks earlier. The one that GlassWalls was kind enough to give an answer to, the one I posted here. Here's the really funny part, it took them this long to piece together that I am one of the people who write for Home-Watch. And we all know I've been open about the fact that I, PSN ID: zKAPOWz, contribute to this blog since i first started writing here. Hell, even before that, I would always leave comments here using my PSN ID or just Kapow (which is what i go by). It also reinforces the fact that they read this blog a lot.

Ok, so they think they've "found me out" or something, throwing the Home-Watch URL in my face, oh, and don't forget, 1 day after i got this message from CydoniaX they made the Home-Watch URL a curse word.

Anyways, so they think they've caught me red handed or something, yea, they:

I guess Locust finally decided to make a childish response to my 2 week old question, but here's where the fun really starts. But, unfortunately, like I said earlier, I didn't screen cap my messages, so I'll have to do my best to summarize what I said back then. Wait, nevermind, just realized I sent the whole conversation to Home-Watch when it all went down. Copy n Paste mode, GOOO! [Kapow's comments in bluegreen]

"alright, i'll just spread the word that hacking and importing items is acceptable and encouraged.

thanks for taking this matter seriously."

"Why thank you, but it's 'we' not 'me'. I'm not the head-honcho over at Home-Watch, just so you know. I don't like to take credit for what other people have started.

And it's sort of like Jack; you don't necessarily have to log on (or follow) to read something :smileywink:. I'm sure the boss over at HW knows how much traffic his blog really gets daily."

This response was by far my favorite. I like how he says we like to "mislead, misquote, and misrepresent" others, but what the fuck is this guy spewing right now? Really, lets dissect for a minute. Like I said earlier, these dick faces actually think they've "outed" me, when I've never tried to hide the fact that I contribute and support this site. I've been open about since the first time I've left a comment up until now. I openly tell people I am one of the writers here. In short, I've never tried to hide, or "minimize" my contribution to this blog. I'll even go as far to say that I was and still am the biggest supporter of this place, and have been the loudest voice both here and in the forums. And my signature? Really? I've only changed it once since I made it and that was upon a warning I received from a MOD because I had our URL in it. (you know, the curse word before it was a curse word) So i changed the text from "We're Watching you. . ." to "We're watching you. . . and we will not stop Home-Watch."

So far he's wrong that:
  1. he thinks I updated my signature because of him and that she-bitch CydoniaX
  2. he thinks they "outed" me, and
  3. he thinks I've tried to "minimize how they perceive my contribution to this site."
Right now he's looking pretty damn foolish, and that's just the first sentence! Let's carry on! Who was it that was asking about that quote from Locust calling us an "ugly, hateful, libelous site?" Yea, this is where That came from. Next he tries to wag his small e-penis at me, boasting about past writing experience, like I give a shit. And uses that as a segway to talk about my "homophobic rants and the poor punctuation" on my twitter. Ok, I was playing Street Fighter IV and i said something like, "Zangief is a real fag!" or something like that. I said fag, oh my god! What am I missing? I said fag, I also say gay, and homo and queer too. Moving on, he says I have bad punctuation. Um, it's fucking Twitter you douche nozzle. Nuff said. Moving on! You might want to take this time to stand up and stretch, maybe get something to drink, because now I'm about to post what I replied to him after his erroneous, idiotic message. Here we go:

hmm, well i'll try to convey my sarcasm better next time. but anyways, i wasn't trying to minimize how you perceive my contribution to Home-Watch, i am a major contributor to the blog. i don't try to hide it nor do i shout it from the roof tops. at first i hid the fact that i wrote for Home-Watch, only because i wasn't sure if the boss man over there wanted people to know he or she had multiple people writing for the the blog. but once i got the ok i told a few friends and they told their friends and..well you know how that goes. so once word got around and people asked me if it was true, i confirmed it for them. by no means did anyone (especially not you or Cyd, i guess you two didn't know i wrote for Home-Watch until i posted the PM Glass sent me?) 'out' me. every article i write for Home-Watch, i write knowing full well what i am posting and saying. i post screen caps with my name and others names int it for a reason, mostly for authenticity.

and i haven't changed my sig in a while, i only changed it from, "We're Watching You (with the Home-Watch url at the bottom right)." to what it currently is now, for the simple fact that the MODs wouldn't allow the Home-Watch URL to be posted publicly because, "it linked to profanity." which is a bull**bleep** excuse because people post links to Destrctoid and the likes all the time.

so with all that being said i'm not really sure what you mean by i didn't update my sig until you and Cyd "confronted me." but like i said, i guess you two were late to the 'party' because it's certainly no secret lol.

also, i have no doubts about your past work & writing credentials, without them i doubt you'd be at your current job. but it also doesn't take someone like that deduce something as simple as the similarities in peoples writing styles. that 'skill' is elementary to any ametuer writer.
as for my antics on twitter, saying '**bleep**' and 'gay' does not make someone a homophobe. but seeing as you don't know me personally, i don't blame you in making assumptions. when i am writing something with meaning or purpose, i make sure that my grammar and punctuation is decent, at the very least. when i'm writing something on Twitter, i **bleep** (fag) in talk like an ass with lots n lots of sarcasm n junk (<---like that). i mean, it's Twitter for god's sake, not a term paper. so if you want to keep judging me based on my Twitter shenanigans, by all means go right ahead.

last but not least, i have no doubt you are watching ME, as i am the only 'Name' that writes for Home-Watch. you guys have no one else to watch, and i don't mind taking some heat off the boss man. i'm sure he's, "lovin' every minute of it." (<--that's from a song i think, it got stuck in my head. "Lovin' every minute of it!")

anyways, try not to forget we are just trying to help Home and it's community in our own special way :smileyhappy: me, you and HlPPE played pool together back in the first days when the beta changed to 'Open.' we had good times back then, i have no qualms in having more good times with you guys in the future. we all don't have to be enemies unless you wish it to be that way. ok, i'ma stop now, i've rambled enough and i'm not going back to proof read so you get what you get.

aah.. one more thing i guess, why not? just in case you were wondering, i know as much about the creator of the blog as anyone else. i don't know what you guys, HCM or MODs, did to him or her, but it must've been something pretty bad.

hahaha, now That one made me laugh. if you're talking about the article i made posting the screen cap from Glass, i don't see how that was misquoted, misleading, or misrepresenting him. i've even told Glass that i won't post anything He says to me if he so wishes it. Glass has my respect. notice how none of this is on Home-Watch (until now). it seems you haven't really been paying attention to anything i've said and i won't bother repeating myself.
i'm sorry you feel so threatened by me and My colleagues but we will not stop and we will continue to expose Home and it's community for what it really is.
don't think this is our last interaction. you have decided to continue this 'war', so we'll see you on the battlefield.
Man...I am such a bad ass, amirite? Anyways, a few days later, I got banned from lithium, got my sentence doubled and now here I am. There's still some shenanigans going on with my ban though, as I pointed out here .

Welp, that's the end of this story. Let the comments begin.
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