Moe Moe. . . . .AdamPY-WN!

Fun fact: The known spammer  took time out of his day to make countless email addresses, look up multiple gay images (oh and all of his emails were gay, had the word gay in them, some were just penis's [8IIIIIID].). then he again took the time to handle those gay images again, attaching each one to his gay spamming comments, and coming up with something gay to say about the HW staff. Now, I don't know how long it took him to do all that (seems like a lengthy process to me) but it only took me around 60 seconds to delete all of it.

So I wonder what all that gay stuff says about him?... Maybe he just picked out the images that were already saved to his HDD.
I guess you were wrong, Home-Watch, we didn't piss off the foreigners, we pissed off a gay haha. He's an angry gay  (inside joke).

Good times, this was fun.

Oh, and feel free to do whatever you want with this, (one of his many fake emails, he has some weird asphyxiation with Adam as well as us. Adam will remain innocent until proven guilty)  and this, Go ahead, I'll turn my back.

*note* if you refrain from posting super gay images and/or  super spamming, then you won't have to worry about this type of post being made about you. Most of you are good boys and girls, even our haterzzzzz, so fear not.

**also** see here and here for title joke.
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