Problem? Delete!

I've noticed a trend on the PlayStation Home Support Forums. (Other then the complete and total lack of help by staff) It seems the catch all answer to any tech support issue is to delete Home and reinstall it. Which to me sounds like one of the stupidest concepts ever. Even stupider due to the fact that it actually works. Imagine if you replaced Home with Windows or MacOS. Imagine any time you had an error you went to a poorly coded tech support forum, which resembled forums of the late 1990s. Upon asking a question of any kind, no matter the error another USER (Not Microsoft or Apple's staff) told you "It can be fixed in two steps. Just delete your operating system and reinstall it." Home has the laziest tech support of any program found on a gaming console. Here's our suggestion, next time you have a problem with Home, delete it. Then just skip step two.
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