Sodium Bug

Via email:

Hi all, First off all congrats with your site, i come straight to the point. In home there is a space named sodium, there you can play or download (if you want the full game buy a pilotjacket (€4.99 5.99$ i guess). Now the problem is the saltshooter game has got a bug, when you want to upgrade your weapons etc. you get kicked out and you cant go anny further. This problem is there alrready for months, and they still didn fix it, i googled it and i even found a topic dated from august. (Home Watch note: Salt Shooter has only been around since December, the person writing is confused on the date) I see also people informing about the mather only thing they get is the answer back that they aware of it (meanwhile our wallet misses out bout 5€ or $ they bring out new items to buy.

I feel a bit bad for not bringing this up before, since this has been happening for a long time. Well, it has been corrected. This bug HAS been around for a long time. There have been numerous times I've come close to post and forgot. I have since corrected that.
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