And now for something completely different

So yesterday was the PS Store update, and with it came new avatars, namely the World Cup Sackboy avatars. So I'm lookin' through em (there's a lot) and checkin' out each countries flag painted onto a Sackboy and they look ok. But then I come to the U.S Sackboy and..uuhh...what's that? Is he?... he...cover in oil??

That's right folks! Now, I know, obviously this avatar was made to intentionally make the U.S, the same U.S that is going through an oil spill fiasco right now, Sackboy look like he's cover in oil but...honestly I can't help but to think of that every time I look at it.

So, I made this post on twitter yesterday, among a few others. Later that evening I get a DM from none other than @PlayStation asking, "Pics (or it didn't happen) ?"

So, of course, I obliged.

Am I right? I mean, what the fuck is that? Dark blue stuff splashed onto him with a single white stripe going across his chest? No stars or red paint or anything? All of the other Sackboys had proper, discernible flags painted on them, why did the U.S get the oil treatment?

What do you guys think?
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