Bug Report: 6/17

It's Thursday, and you know what that means, more bugs. Let's take a look at Sony's errors from this content update.

The long awaited interactive item gimmick, dice, is available in Home now, for a price of only $1.99! I for one wouldn't pay that much for something we were supposed to get with 1.3 back in October. It was met with countless delays and despite that, bugged upon release.

According to MercuryValentine, the new head moderator, users who purchase the item will not receive it in their inventories. Well that's lovely, I always love spending $1.99 to find out that I didn't receive the product I paid for! This doesn't come as a surprise to me though, given their impressive track record, managing to literally screw up at least one thing per week.

Users also report losing their Move controllers, which were an item received by redeeming a limited use code (don't you ever learn Sony?). I personally haven't lost mine, but from what I understand, people losing theirs had entered the code via Sony's website.

I'd also like to take the time to remind Sony that the 1.36 bug is still active. I know it's cheaper to tell people to use the workaround than to actually fix it, but I would have to say that the issue is a little bit more important than content within. Then again, we have to remember that Sony doesn't make any money from core client updates. There's a lot more money to be made shoving overpriced content down our throats than making sure the client works properly.
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