Last night I got a somewhat suspicious email. Although I usually call bullshit when I receive insider information, tracking down the person who sent it opened a shitload of doors. I don't plan on posting the entire content of the email because it could easily identify the sender, however it corrects a good chunk of information we have here. Via email: (Removed parts of the email marked with [...] to protect the identifying parts of the email)

Dear PSN Home-Watch Retards: (Had to keep that intro, it's priceless!)

[...] First of all, all the myriad of problems with Home (and you're right about one thing, there are a ton of them) have nothing to do with the community managers.
[...] They don't make business or content decisions, all they do is get paid to interact with and entertain thankless aholes like you.
[...] SCEA Home is failing because of 2 people. #1 being JACK "ABUSER" BUSER. That guy is mentally ill, incompetent, and his entire team HATES him. He has ZERO experience with virtual worlds, the video game industry, or anything else having to do with Home. [...] Want to know the real reason CydoniaX is gone? Buser got rid of her [...] He's a real piece of shit and will be responsible for Home's downfall. Mark my words.

The other person ruining Home is its main producer, KATHERINE DE LEON. She is the 2nd most hated person on that team. [...] Her shitty work speaks for itself: she is responsible for every space published in SCEA Home and they all fucking suck.[...]

If you're going to attack people, at least go after the ones who deserve it. Oh yeah, and your site fucking sucks. Sorry your mom hates you and you never, ever, ever get laid.

[...] Oh and this just in: 2 more people have quit the Home team since Cyd left. [...]

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