Glasswalls & Locust_Star post with a friend!

Well it seems as though E3 was pretty dull this year. Sony showed off a bucket filled to the brim with raw sewage which they then threw out on the crowd. Honestly other then the ice cream truck thing for the new Twisted Metal, I didn't see a damn thing that stuck out in my memory.

Speaking of things people forget, Home had a microscopic booth. Most people stopped by to ask questions of the Home staff such as "Where's the bathroom" and "holy shit, you mean Sony's still supporting Home?" The booth was almost an afterthought, as Sony made zero mention of Home the entire time at E3. Honestly it makes sense to avoid bringing attention on your retarded children, but you want to make them feel included. It's almost as though they had them there to simply escape the embarrassing talk that they might have given up on the concept. No, the large scale massive social networking software of the future can still be found.... in a tiny booth near the Ladies restroom, past the Hot Dog-on-a-Stick. Sadly, CydoniaX didn't make it. Guess it wasn't in the stars! (HAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE) Although unconfirmed sources are suggesting she has been fired, although her name still appears in the message of the day.

The funniest part of the whole thing is they were giving codes away at E3 for free home items... which were broken and didn't work. At least the folks at E3 got the full home experience.
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