Home: Land of a Thousand Errors

It's been a while since I've sat down and picked apart the latest bugs in Home. So Here goes.

Before that, I'd like to make mention once more that Home staff makes no efforts to communicate with it's users about bugs. This topic asks why there's no communication, which is truly an irritation. Of course Popeye the Hometroll Man dropped his 2 cents:
All last week the Home Managers have been at E3. There are pictures of them at E3 posted in PlayStation Home General. The Head Moderator of Home stood in for them relaying information. And then we had this last weekend.

The Managers are now back and are starting to post again. They have some catching up to do. There is no reason to insult or cop an attitude. Just keep your problem at the forefront so that it can be taken care of. Your problem will very likely be addressed or fixed by next Thursday.

Ok good point. Except E3 was 3 days, not a week. Oh, and Home staff has never, ever, ever, EVER made an effort to speak about bugs. But anyways. More bugs.


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