Home says: FUCK YOU CANADA (Again)

In the past we have made effort to expose Home's bias towards the Canadian people. I think We've done it once or twice.... or three, four, maybe five times.

Well it's time for another episode of:


Over the last 24 hours I've gotten four emails from Canadians about their Canadian based topics being removed. In this time of World Cup, it's a possibility someone over there is a bit bias towards the threat to American spirit. First there was this topic, Canada's Top Avatar. This is in the long line of folks who have created these types of topics, however only the Canadian one has been closed. Then there was the "O Canada Dance Party" which was shoveled off to the Clubs & Events graveyard. Then there's this topic. Oh, and this topic. Honestly I could post links all day, but I think the point has been driven.

This is especially insulting to the top half of North America due to the fact that CANADIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN HOME EVENTS OR CONTESTS. Please, if you have an example of this constant Canadian bias, please email us to let us know.
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