J-T-W-NY Talks about her "mystery ban"

As many have seen, J-T-W-NY is an outspoken critic of Home, as well as a Home user. Recently she was banned for account scamming.... which she never did. According to the folks she dealt with when trying to fix her account, there was no reason for the banning. Her words:

Abolished from Home

My nightmare began on Friday, May 28th. I had been in Home that morning. But I logged in again in the early afternoon and found that I could not log in. I received the "You cannot use PSN with this account" with the (8002A231) code. I phoned SONY to find out what the suspension was for and it's duration. I honestly thought it would be a week to a month for "text abuse" because I recently was in a discussion with someone about whether the word "negro" is meant to be a slur or not.

Imagine my surprise when, after being shuffled through several people, I finally received the answer. I was told that my account is "abolished," given a permanent suspension for "account scamming." The rep told me, when I asked what "abolished" meant, that there is no hope for my suspension being lifted.

I asked for details, and he told me it stemmed from an incident in Home on May 21st, the previous Friday, where I was trying to find out people's passwords and get into their accounts so I could use their personal information on a website that generates PSN codes.

My heart sank and my mind went reeling at this false accusation. I thought that either an honest mistake was made or someone was out to get me.

Several times I asked which website and which user's account I supposedly hacked. He didn't know. H said there was no more information except the charge and date. I asked him what I said on May 21st. Perhaps I said something that was misconstrued, I reasoned.

I was placed on hold while the customer service rep looked up that information. After fifteen minutes on hold he comes back on and tells me it will be a while, and offered to call me back. I told him that I'm fine waiting on hold. So I go back for another twenty minutes.

He finally comes back on and is looking through something on his screen. I'm not sure if he was searching actual chat logs (which wasn't likely) or looking through comments and words that were flagged by the mods. He finally arrives at May 21st and, after a pause, says "this is strange. I can't find anything. This is the strangest thing I've ever seen."

He mentions lifting the suspension and releasing the account, but he needed to speak to the "Home people" before doing so to find out what is going on. He apologizes for the upcoming Memorial day weekend and for the long wait I'm going to have but promises to call me back next week.

I wait. I phone SONY on Tuesday and am told the rep is looking into it. The rep I spoke to calls me on Wednesday to tell me he's not forgotten me and is waiting for a response from Home. Thursday passes and finally on Friday June 4th he calls, and tells me that my account has been unsuspended and I can use it now.

I did ask if there were an explanation for this, but he told me he doesn't know. The impression I got from my conversation is that he asked, but the Home people didn't tell him the reason for this. I found it interesting that our conversation ended with rep giving me his personal number with the admonition to call him if anything else happens in the future.

Without concrete information it's difficult to draw conclusions from this incident. It could have been an honest mistake, but the extremity of the charge and the severity of the punishment suggest otherwise. I sometimes think it is a response to my defending of artform-fazeone on my blog on May 22nd, but it's all speculation. However, I am happy that I reached a caring customer servic rep who took the time to look into the matter and correct it for me.

A mystery. Seems anyone willing to speak out against Home has a bad day. More of these as they happen.
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