More bias from Home staff towards their loyal band of suck-ups

In Jerquall's thread about the new E3 space, he is showing off pictures of the lame E3 space in Home (something that was done over 2 years ago in the closed beta in Japan with CES. and done a lot better at that.)
Anyways, while viewing this kudo hungry thread I'm wondering, "What's the point of this besides searching for kudos' and acknowledgement? Just a bunch of pictures and.. stuff... wait, what did he just say?"

Just announced so I can now talk about it. The booth at the convention center at E3 has been replicated and  will be going live in just awhile. build specifically for home by N.A. devs just for us! Home items are coming to!

That's right folks, apparently this jerk wad claims he already knew about this space, acting like he signed a fucking NDA to take a look at some exclusive title, or like he himself made the space. So why we'rent the rest of the users notified of this space? Why was he (and most likely the other suck-ups; Jim777, footballrule, Sophrnia, Joanna, etc..) told about this and apparently many other things, but not the rest of the users?

Well, I wonder. . .
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