PlayStation Home’s E3 Booth an Enormous Failure

Via Email:

Greetings! I currently am a developer, and I was at E3 this year. I was Googling E3 stuff when I found this blog, and I have to say it's really funny! I have to admit, I'm more of a Microsoft fanboy this generation. Their development packages and kits are significantly better, as are the hardware tools. Which is a shame because last generation with the PS2 Sony had a great setup. As a MS supporter, I didn't pay too much mind to Sony this year. With good reason though, Sony was flat out BORING this year. Their booths were just plain dull. The only thing that captured my attention this year was the Twisted Metal stage show, and that was more nostalgia for my college years, spent battling my friends in Twisted Metal 2. Sony disappointed this year. They keep pushing their wii controller knockoff and other products that were boring. I wanted to let you know that Sony was pretty much abandoned this year, and the Home booth was especially. To be honest I had no idea Home was still around. I had to check my ps3 menu to see if the icon was still there. All I can recall is a handful of sony guys orbiting the booth, and it had a tv showing home, which looked to be empty. This was the subject of some jokes later on when we were comparing the Move controllers to Home and debating which sony would give up on first. Thanks for the laugh and you guys should do a blog that just rips on all of sony's poor practices. Sony is this generation's Sega
Thanks for the email! I found it somewhat amusing this email came moments after getting an extremely large hate mail from a Home fan who claimed to be at E3. I think the whole "This generations SEGA to be the best comment ever sent to us!
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