The Queue System

Home has changed a lot since it was first shown at GDC '07, from core update to core update. The most major of which, version 1.3, made many changes, including the removal of glitches. One of the features added to this client update was the queue system.

I know, old news right? But there's a reason I bring it up. The queue system is quite possibly one of the worst features added to Home for several reasons, and I feel that it's something that just isn't talked about enough. It's a great idea, in theory.. but in practice? Not so much. 

If you want to play with friends, let's say you and some friends go to the bowling alley and you want to play a game. You can't. The reason for this is because the bowling alley and the games in it are often extremely crowded, but, that's what the queue system is for, right? Wrong.

The queue system is fine if you're by yourself, with friends however, is a different story. Because of the way the queue system works, holding each person in a spot in a line until a game is open, if you and your friends join the queue - you won't necessarily be able to play a game together. I've spent countless hours (and for the record, I don't anymore) trying to get into a game with friends only to be stopped by the queue system. 

The only alternative that I've discovered, is to have none of your friends in the queue, rather just wait for a lane to open up. There's a problem with this though, because those who are in the queue are given priority when accessing the game, if there is anyone in the queue, you cannot access the lanes, essentially causing game disruption, which is after all against the rules, right? 

On top of all these problems; there is another. Because the queue system is only used on a select few games, many are extremely hard to get into, the prime example being the Ward of Despair. I remember when the feature came out, people complained due to the fact one of the most popular games, which still is to this day, Ward of Despair did not make use of this feature. 

What the hell were you thinking, Sony? Did the thought ever occur to you that people may want to play with their friends? As I recall, Home is by your definition a social network designed for gamers, it would only make sense that people want to play with their friends. 
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