Midway warning!

If you haven't heard, The Playstation Home Midway is the newest ripoff pooped out of the bowels of Home's development teams. If you haven't heard the news, the Midway is quick to take your money and not give you shit in return. Here's some fun posts:

According to this topic:
I am having problems with midway I have the tickets but every time I go to play a game home glitches and it kicks me off from it and I try again and it says game is unavailable it happens with every game
And this topic:
hi home fixer ppl lol.. i was hopin one of u would read this and fix the earing in the carnaval i have all of them i think n they all only are workin for one ear n the other one is missing..i like them alot i was hoping it was a acident u cud fix it so that we have it for both ears if we won it. thank u very much =)
And this topic:
hey i've purchased 100 tickets from the midway carnival and did not receive any whats going on . the order numbers are 1704254068 and 1700520158
And this topic:
just went and purchased tickets and key and my system stuck on the download part any advise and did i just get ripped off

And this topic:

So, I decided to go play in the Midway ... Had 26 tokens to play with ... I played 4 or 5 games of Spilt Milk, and my token count went down to 4 ...that session cost me 22 tokens somehow

Then, I decide, I need more tokens so I go buy more ... it takes .99 from my wallet, and I get nothing ... I just payed to get 0 tokens, WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? and just like my missing hockey pants that I bought over a year ago (nice joke to play on a Canadian), I assume I'll get no response from the appropriate people ... it's bad enough that I had to change the aspect ratio on the tv just to play these games but now it's taking my money on top of it? Thank-you Sony
and this topic:
this is reseaworrioer i brought 2 99cent tickets an the key from midway and im upset because it's not working . i can't play any games NONE ..this is not the 1st time . i put in alot of $ into home . i just want what i paid 4 ... help please
and this topic:
So I bought some tickets today for The Midway, used them, and decided to buy more, so I did. Well the second set of tickets I purchased didn't register. It registered that I purchased them, but did not give me the actual tickets. So now I didn't get my tickets, ergo I can't use them, and I can't buy more (not that I would if they don't give them to me -.-).
This topic seems to think their ISP is to blame, however this topic brings it back to reality:
I just bought the $.99 ticket pack and downloaded it as normal. When I exited the ticket booth, my counter is still at zero. I have left the space and come back. Same problem. What should I do? I am very low on money and it was a tough call to give another dollar to this carnival when I've already spent so much on it. I don't like how I paid but cannot play.
Bottom line, the Midway is broken, and spending money on it is foolish. Spend that money on one of the games off PSN. You'll get more value for your money
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