More insider information

Via Email:

More dirt about Jack: last year he either dumped his wife (or vice versa) for being a coke-fueled party girl and gained sole custody of their daughter. Any appearances of the 2 of them before any of this happened made it clear that she thought he was a huge dork and sick of him. So none of this came as a big surprise. But around the time of his divorce is when he started acting extra-crazy on the job. He tried really hard to block GlassWalls, largely considered to be the best CM Home has, from being hired to Cyd's team probably because he is as prejudiced against gay people as women. It was also his idea to hire BuggieTechnica, the worst Home employee ever, who was ultimately fired for being a whiny bitch and hanging out on game forums all day, among numerous other offenses.

Katherine de Leon was an INTERN and former community manager (ha!) at Linden Lab only 3 years ago. How she managed to get the keys to the Home kingdom and fly around all over the country spinning her bullshit propaganda about Home is anyone's guess. She is nepotistic and hires all her best friends since they are the only people who can tolerate her....even some of them are looking to leave since she is such a horrible boss. Her latest hire was a woman whose virtual world development company failed and went bankrupt. Awesome choice. The 2 of them have a barely-concealed lesbo relationship and are plotting ways to be able to sleep with each other without getting in trouble with HR. Too bad "kdel" recently married a beard.

Not sure if this type of personal gossip is what you're looking for, but it sure is fucking entertaining, isn't it? Obvs I'm not going to get the true insider info about when exactly Home will self-destruct, but I'm sure it's not long now.
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