More insider information

Via Email:

Home is NOT profitable despite Abuser's latest PR bullshit propaganda. The biz model may be a profitable one...anyone in the gaming/virtual world industry knows that microtransactions are EASY money. Keep pumping out those virtual shoes and idiots will buy them! HOWEVER...that doesn't make a dent of different to Home's PNL..bottom line, etc. (PNL = Profit & Loss) It costs millions to run Home. Any money they make is dependent upon virtual item and personal space sales, as well as all those tacky promotions they do, like the stupid Criss Angel thing for A&E. My sources told me Promotions at Sony have already pulled out most of the promised money for Home because it's not getting enough traffic. So unless the virtual swag sales are enough to cover the costs of a whole dev team in London, the inflated salaries of Jack, kdel, and the other aholes running SCEA, and production costs...ain't NO WAY Home will be profitable by Q4 of this year, if ever. And if it's come the axe.
Hmmm, looks like Home could be on it's way out. WTF will I do then? Perhaps I'll start a blog devoted to raising indoor tropical plants. Or perhaps a fishing lure blog. Choices, choices.
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