More insider information/Apology to the HCM

So recently I've been getting a LOT of information from the sinking ship that is home. I'd like to share that with you now.

A brief history of Home:
  1. Phil Harrison begins announcing the direction of Home, introduces media sharing, trophy room, etc.
  2. Phil Harrison quits after a disagreement with Kaz, the head guy in Japan.
  3. Katherine De Leon fills the spot of main producer
  4. Jack Buser, becomes Director of Home.
  5. CydoniaX, Glasswalls, Locust_Star become the HCM
  6. Home releases public beta
  7. Home operates for a year, under constant threat of being axed.
  8. Game journalists rip on Home constantly
  9. Katherine De Leon proposes a large scale redesign of Home, Focus groups hate it
Etc. Maybe sometime I'll actually make a timeline video or something. Here's some other interesting information:
  1. The Home Community management team is FORBIDDEN to speak of promised features that have not come to be
  2. Jack Buser might be losing his position
  3. Home is STILL UNDER THREAT of being shut down
  4. Game media still rip on home any shot they can, if they decide to acknowledge it at all.
  5. Jack Buser fired CydoniaX because she reported him to the Human Resources division of Sony for "sexism, abuse, manipulation, undermining, and generally turning his whole team against each other"
  6. Katherine De Leon is responsible for every space published in SCEA Home, so when something breaks, she is the one to ask about it.
I'd also like to humble myself at the moment, and speak a little bit about the HCM. Or what's left of it. Over the last six months of this blog, the HCM has taken quite a deal of punishment from this blog. We investigated them each in detail, and nitpicked their every move, post, and action.

Recently, I received an education about the HCM, and realized that they are not at fault for a good chunk of what we placed on their shoulders. However, Sony gave them zero permission to protect themselves nor gave them the ability to express what they were responsible for, and what they were not responsible for. This stemmed from above them, from the folks by the name of Jack Buser and Katherine De Leon. For months we have hounded and attacked the HCM because we assumed as many have that THEY are responsible for how shitty Home is. I have since discovered the truth.

What is disturbing to us is while we shit all over the HCM crew the people who were truly at fault sat in the background quietly, and allowed the HCM to accept all the blame for things that were their bosses' fault. That to me is even worse than the constant shit we've dumped on them over the last half a year.

Imagine enduring the abuse we can put out for half a year, knowing that none of it was your fault, however the folks who's fault it actually is force you to stay quiet and accept the blame that belongs to them. That's incredibly shitty management and Jack and Katherine should be fucking ashamed of what they've done.

So Glasswalls, CydoniaX, and Locust_Star, I apologize for the incredibly harsh way we've treated you. Although there have been many occasions where you did make mistakes and do silly shit, we wouldn't have gotten on you one tenth the amount we have had your bosses given you the ability to defend yourselves. For that I am sorry. Shoot me an email and I'll send a couple pizzas your way some day. All hush hush of course.

But back to the subject at hand. Jack Buser, Katherine De Leon, for months you've sat quietly in the background and let others take the blame for your incompetence. This is a polite warning to you: We are coming for you. You thought we were bad going after the HCM? Heh, you haven't seen shit yet. Better get some suntan lotion, we're coming after you with the fury of a thousand suns.
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