Oh man, this is turning into LOLz Festival 2010

OK so (I'm laughing even as I type this) I was editing a new account last night, The-Home-Watcher (Spoooiiillerrr) and I was searching through the mounds of shit people call "Threads" over at the Lithium forums trying to find Something to even make a comment on at the Least. I came across this thread. Another good ol' fashioned brown-nosing thread made by NARDE15. Basically it was just him saying how much Home rocks his world, he added a few plugs towards the end for his podcast things, and then ended it by saying 'hola'. Which was weird to me, I mean, why would he saying 'hello' in Spanish at the End of his post?
Anyways, another guy comes in behind him, quite literally, and starts brown-nosing NARDE15 for his excellent brown-nosing, calling him "an awesome veteran closed beta tester." So now you have dual brown-nosing going on and things are starting to get hot and heavy. ADAMPwns comes in with some music and another dude asks "You're a Vet? Since When?". In which some other guy makes a snarky remark and tells the above person to "study up ;)".

Now that we're all up to speed, I present you with the following:

[*Note* this shot was taken before I posted it, obviously] So I kept an eye on the thread for a little while until i went to sleep. Just got home about an hour or so ago, go to check the thread and blamskee, perma-ban actiooonnn hahaha. I go into the forums anyways because, I'm Kapow and I do what I want, and check on that thread only to find that my criticizing RE had been deleted completely. Not really surprised at this point.
But I wonder, did they perma-ban my new account simply because of the name, or because I criticized their piece of shit "application", or....well, let's face it, that's Exactly why. I mean, I hadn't told anyone about that account up until now so there's no way they new it was me trying to "evade" my ban. I guess they don't give out warnings now either. They just profile people instead.

Anyways, hope this provided some entertainment for you guys like it did for me.
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