Ten Signs Home is About to be Shitcanned

  1. Jack Buser and the rest of the Home team stubbornly refuse to release any profit numbers. Since it's release ing 2008 there hasn't been one single mention of Home's value. This is very likely due to incredibly poor sales. Companies that produce video games do not do so silently when successful. They let the public know exact figures in an effort to draw users and developers.
  2. Less and less public interest. The only time you see Home mentioned on gaming sites is when a child is molested or raped because of it, or because they ran out of other topics and needed filler. And that filler is usually a constant stream of negative opinions. Also, you don't see gaming sites make mention of Home's updates.
  3. CydoniaX has been fired.... and no one has replaced her. If her position was needed or necessary, chances are it would be filled fairly quickly. The fact that they have decided to not fill that spot suggests they haven't the budget for her former position to remain.
  4. Insider information provided to this blog has pointed out that Home's production cost far outweighs it's income. Home's development teams, it's community teams, and other costs make Home very, very cost ineffective. If there is a profit, that profit is an incredibly small sliver.
  5. Advertisers and game developers have started to pull out. You'll see that ads running in Home run a very long time. That's due to the fact that ad space in Home is cheap. Much cheaper then you'd expect. Also the cost to have your game be marked in home with a public or private space is slight. Home is desperately attempting to bring in new content from developers, but cannot do so without the funding needed. Which is made up of micro-transactions. Hence the reason Home has been dumping new clothing on users more and more.
  6. Two years AFTER closed beta is closing in with no sign of the beta tag going away. This has become less a sign of development, and more a sign of eternal developmental purgatory. Home has had very little to no advancement in it's time on the PS3. Whereas games like little big planet have gotten entirely new features, new content, and constant support. Home has just now started to produce buggy and poorly made "active items" which aren't very exciting or noteworthy.
  7. Home takes extreme measures to hide it's quality. I recall a video a few months back talking about Home's massive advancement (i.e. bullshit) and how it had hundreds of games. I actually signed in recently and tried to tally it up and I still don't see a hundred games. Unless you include the fact that most everything you operate in Home states "play game," including activating the disco in Rachet & Clank's area. If clicking something to operate a game is a reality, I suggest you try Microsoft Window's built in game called "start menu."
  8. The PlayStation Portable was expected to receive it's own type of miniature Home, called "RooM." It was cancelled due to overwhelming negative opinion during beta testing. Which was very similar to Home's closed beta where everyone said it was bland and stupid.
  9. Recent test groups for a newer version of Home have failed. Users hated it so much that further test market research was canned.
  10. Sony has reported a 5 BILLION DOLLAR LOSS IN SIX MONTHS. Down from 12 million in January to 7 billion in June for a whopping 42% loss. Sony will have to take measures to resolve this, which will likely include the end of products that aren't very good or don't make money. Which Home is both.
So for all the Conrads, Joannas, lilblues, Lockwoods, and the like, enjoy the moment. It's coming to an end.
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