Anime Picture Frames

Here's a good example of why you shouldn't purchase anything in Home. In a topic posted originally on April 1st, 2010, the author states:

I just bought both picture frames from the anime section in the furniture store and I can't put pics in either one.

The little frame has a matrix time deal going on it and I am using the wall picture frame as a wall mounted flat screen right now.
 I remember seeing this topic back then. Almost made a post about it. However, it appears 5 months later it's STILL NOT FIXED. I repeat, 5 months. No fix.

Posted the 23rd of August:

EFFFF!!! i just bought these without researching.... and im extremely pissed at sony for not fixing this... it clearly says


and yet you cant do put a single picture on them.... GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK SONY.... THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING AND IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!

im gonna call them today and harass them untill i get my money back... or at least they can give me a working frame.
 We have told users this many times, paying for anything on Home is a gamble with your money. And with the eternal BETA tag, it gives them a free pass to steal your money.

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