Carla Who?

I have no clue who the hell this person is, but via email:

Subject: Fresh dirt

I personally feel that everyone, especially those who frequent the Ladies Fashion Runway should know this information. I figured that since Home Watch has high traffic and deals in this sort of thing you'd be the perfect place to expose it:

Carla Birch is in fact a male. How do I know this? Well there's quite the library of evidence:

Here you'll find pictures and video of a "Carl_Birch", which is.. you guessed it, Mr. Carla himself. But it goes deeper than that - he's in a relationship, with a female.. and he has a facebook to prove it.

I personally have nothing against Carla_Birch, however what he is doing can only be seen as wrong. From what I understand he has a club for all girl gamers. This would be fine, except for.. well he's male. He has recently infiltrated (dare I say) the female ranks in North America. No one knows that he is not who he claims to be, and it is something everyone should know. As Carl_Birch he was known to cyber with lesbian females under the pretense that he is one, as is evidenced by the album CarlCyber, in which he can clearly be seen doing so.

He also runs a fansite for Lisa Scott Lee, where he kept his Home photos for some time - though I don't believe they're still there. He also used to be listed in the whois database as "Carl Birch". Can there be a Carl and Carla Birch? I find that highly unlikely.

Oh and, here's something else:

Note where the image came from that "Carla" posted:

..your LSL? Oh, and.. in case he tries to take it down.. these photos are in no way edited (aside from the obvious removal of some potentially identifying icons):

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