DrGadget: The other Home-Watch

Seems things are getting a little bit tense over at the Playstation Home forums. It was proven long ago that you can't naysay anything Sony related on the Playstation Forums. However, the moderator DrGadget has taken it a step further. The original poster states:

If you were to rate PSH and the devs what would be the rating. From 1-10. 1 Being unsatisfied and 10 being, I LOVE HOME AND EVERYTHING OMI GWAD!!! FREAK OUT!!!! and why.

Im curious, because from what im hearing from my home buddies and what not...home just went PFFFT and so did its devs.
Trust me im not ranting or anything, or bashing.

So yea i would give it like a 5.0 out of 10. Why? Well.....Home has does what its been created to do, play and socialize with other PSN Members.
Play - A mini game comes out (like Gamescom or FIFA ARENA) people rush to it (im fine with that) and get it with the matter of several days or minutes...or a minute. The games that are at PSH are entetaining for a while, so far the only games worth playing is Pool, Chess and Bowling. Sorry but the Carnival din't cut it for me - pay to play (well i got all prizes anyway), the games are fairly easy to figure out (as in it speeds up or there is a pattern). I dont know, the games in home just are eh...i stick to bowling and pool.
Socialize - Im not gonna get into that because no one can stop males being females, along with the harresment torwards other users.

The devs just dissapointed me, delays, promises that were not full filled of "soon". You guys do a great job try to do a great job, and i bet you do...but as of now it seems like everything is being slapped together just to keep us happy and well...so we keep spending our money. I do like the items, you guys do great with that. The spaces...well i rather have a space announced with pictures or major details 2 weeks before release so people maybe can help out or something. Spaces should take a little more time with the help of the community. With the delays im fine because when you guys say "delay" im thinking major bugs or issues with companies. The promises...well....if you promise something dont say "soon" say in "near future", or keep us updated on the promises.

So what you guys think?

Other than the bloody disaster of grammar & spelling, the poster makes a great point, and was very good in conveying it. However DrGadget goosestepped on it with a Sony-heil and conveyed the biggest over-reaction ever:

This thread looks like a cross between a poll, a popularity contest, and a petition. None of those are allowed here.

What you're doing is looking for other people to address the devs you personally dislike and give them low ratings. This in turn would justify your anger with them. And then presumably you would go back to confront them and say "Everyone at the PSN forums gave you a 2." [Good job jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers DrGayget.]

These forums are primarily designed for discussion, in terms of relaying information about Playstation-based gaming and other features.

Creating a poll to give you more ammunition to launch a hate attack against one or more of the Home devs is not a discussion.

Please refrain from making similar threads in the future. Thanks.

Wow, talk about having your panties in a wad. Much like the idiot zealots that populate Home, any criticism is immediately disregarded as "hate." Perhaps if assclowns like DrGadget and other PSN flunkies would listen to criticism once in a while, the whole PSN wouldn't be the massive joke it has become.
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