Grasping for Straws

Sony Surveying People To Improve PlayStation HOME:
One of our community members has contacted me to let me know about an email he has recently received from Sony titled “Have Your Say on The Future of PlayStation Home”. The email, which can be viewed by clicking here, says that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has hired an independent market research agency to survey users in London that use PlayStation Home.

Sony apparently sent this email only to people that use the PlayStation Home service and live in and around London, Sony is giving £50 to people that are willing to be in the survey which may take place at Sony’s London offices or somewhere related. The survey is due to take place on August 11th and our community user My-Kal said he may attend the survey and if he does he will give us the heads-up on what was asked during the survey.

We don’t know what questions will be asked but this could greatly affect the future of the service, Iit still beats me why Sony doesn’t just survey or ask the whole PlayStation Home community what they want instead of surveying people in London, but big or small, people mostly want the same things for PlayStation Home.

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