Hell Freezes Over

It seems Conrad_Max, the 40+ year old with underage girls on his friends list, has actually taken a moment away from sucking on Home staff's teet to make.... A suggestion? Complaint? I'm not totally sure. From the tech support graveyard:

With the introduction of the Aphabetees I feel that a second look at how we store our clothing is in order. I feel that  separate folders should be given to these shirts, along with sets of clothing, just as we have the Outfit folder, which I believe is not being fully properly used at this time. The Alphabetees should have their own folder and so should clothing sets. And this includes a way to manage our clothes alphabetcally or by type.

Up until now I felt that this subject was more fit for the monthly suggestion thread. But with the introduction of the Alphabetees, I think we have a tech issue that needs to be addressed. As such, I have posted this topic here in order to increase it's chances of being seen. Being able to manage our clothes has now become a necessity that should be fixed.

I want to give thanks to cuterena whose topic "My issue with Alphabet shirts" brought this issue to my attention.
 You heard it straight from the horse's ass. Er, mouth. When Conrad makes a complaint you know it's bad. So please Home, if you have any money left that Katherine de Leon and Jack Buser haven't wasted on stupid shit, please help Conrad. Your buggy virtual dollhouse is the only social outlet he has to speak to young, innocent girls.
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