More False Advertising & Sexual Harassment

Via the tech support graveyard:

On August 23rd, the Sodium Starter Pack for Home became available in the PSN store for $6.99.  From the advertising posters seen in Home and in the PSN Store itself, I was pleased to see that it included the black version of the bartending outfits and specifically the Black and Grey Waitress Uniform (bundle)

Unfortunately, when purchasing the S1 Starter Pack this is NOT what you get -- instead I found these two incorrect clothing items added to my wardrobe collection, the "Sodium Scorpio's Pink Waitress Uniform Pack - female" (shirt with black arm tattoo, and skirt with pink leg warmers):
Since the ads clearly promised that we would get the "Sodium Scorpio's Black and Grey Waitress Uniform Pack," I would NEVER have bought this Starter bundle had I known that it actually contained the Pink version of the clothing.  It would have been cheaper to simply buy the game together with the black uniform separately!

Well this Starter Pack is intended for new users to the Sodium games, which til now I hadn't really explored .  So I tried on the pink outfit anyway, and let me say, while wearing it I wouldn't wish the instant bombardment of "How old are you" and "Where are you from" that I received, on ANY new user.  The episode confirms my experience that Home users typically expend unwanted attention to the clothing worn by female users.  Wearing a hot pink pre-teen outfit makes it twenty times worse.

Obviously the purpose of the bartending clothing is to enable playing the mini-game -- the point is not to invite additional harassment upon the player! -- so I'm sure that this isn't what Marketing intended when they put together this starter package for Sodium.

Please fix the Starter Pack download to give us the black-and-grey version that we paid for.  Thanks.
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