More People Losing Money

More money lost to the "black hole beta" that is home. From the Tech Support Graveyard:

Ok, once, haha, Home's network sucks, screw you. Funny never. Twice? This is obsurd. AND I paid for it this time!

Last night I bought a 50ticket after getting the majority of my items back from the first time I got screwed out of a week's worth of items. BEAT MIDWAY, and still have my golden jacket, but what's this? The SAME items I won back are gone, including ALL Gamecon and Subway prizes, the shirts for each of which are no longer available. Also this time the AlphabeTees that were free are gone. I still have the prizes I won using the tickets, minus the clown wig, and I still haven't gone to see if Darla is still at my Den(assuming these prizes going AWOL again means I lost Midway points again)

So let's sum this up... TWICE now I've lost ALL Gamecon & Subway items & a handful of Midway prizes, and now the AlphabeTees and some MORE Midway prizes are included in the disappearing act this time. I bought tickets to win them back too, and those Gamecon/Subway prizes can't be retrieved a third time because the shirts are no longer available. A MOD better intervene on this, because this is complete nonsense.
TO BE SPECIFIC: ALL prizes between 7/31 and today are gone.

I do not hack, I don't region-hop items, I don't cheat. I win and pay for my prizes and items fair and square, I want them back, and I want some confirmation this will stop happening. An honest paying customer shouldn't have such insane problems.

I used to have that same complaint when I was a Home user. I've yet to see the $600+ I spent on it.
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