No Playstation Move Area, and Villian's Lair Sucks (Still)

Locust_Star posted the following today:

Hey everyone,

I've just received word that the PlayStation Move event space, as previously announced in today's blog post, will not be releasing in SCEA tomorrow morning (Thursday, August 12th). I will update you with more details as I receive them.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are sure that you'll enjoy the rest of the content that we are releasing tomorrow (the "Sneak Attack" items are personal faves of mine - check 'em out!)

Which translated from Home PR speak vaguely means: Shit, our bad. This area is fucking broken like everything else we produce. But this time we were kind enough to notice it and address it. Give us some credit?

Ok, I'll give you this one Home. You managed to resist releasing a broken area for once. But that doesn't help the following person who bought a broken area:

Following GlassWalls "BEST PRACTICES for reporting issues", I will relay my problem and course of action to date:

Purchased Villain's Lair early June, 2010. Neither mini-game works properly.
Village Griefer: Any high scores, approximately 800 and above, at the end of the game 1) I get kicked out, left standing next to the chair, unable to get back in the game, and no leaderboard scores are visible, or 2) the game totally locks up and the only way to exit is to manually turn off my PS3 (huge pain).
World Domination: In the second round of the hard levels, after I have set up my board, I get kicked out of the game, left standing next to the board, able to see it how I just set it up, but unable to get back in.

That is what normally happens, but under different circumstances, other things have happened too, which I will relay later.

Course of action taken:

1. Checked the Knowledge Center: Nothing related to this problem.
2. Searched the forums for a similar problem: Found one, it had zero replies.
3. Deleted Home, reinstalled: No difference.
4. Called Sony: Was told by "John" they are tech. support only, and I should contact a Mod.
5. Sent Locust_Star a PM 6/23/10 thoroughly describing my problems: No reply.
6. Deleted Villain's Lair Saved Data Utility (PS3): Removed my decorations, same problems persisted.

On 7/01/10 my 80G PS3 experienced the Red Light of Death. On 7/02/10 I set up a new 120G slim under the same account.
On 7/02/10 I went into Villain's Lair and played Village Griefer, which performed flawlessly, for hours, recording scores ranging from 819 to 1071. Checking World Domination the same day, I discovered it was gone. Completely. No table, no globe, nothing.
On 7/03/10 I returned to play Village Griefer, to discover IT was gone. No chair, no leaderboard (not no scores, but no board itself) and the viewing window was pitch black. Checking World Domination shortly after, I found it was fully intact, and was able to complete my original game with no problems.
On 7/04/10 I found the space to be the same as it was on the 3rd. I invited a friend over the same day, who owns Villain's Lair. She saw HER leaderboard scores in my space, was able to sit in the Village Griefer chair only she could see, and actually play and complete a game. I saw a black window, no chair & no leaderboard.

Later that day I deleted Home and reinstalled. The original problems returned. I had my friend over again, who was now unable to see any scores on the leaderboard, and unable to play the game. I saw scores and was able to play, but if my score was higher than my lowest high score, same problem, kicked out or locked up. I then visited her Villain's Lair where I was unable to see any scores on the leaderboard and was unable to play. She had no difficulties.

On 7/05/10 I had a friend in who did not own Villain's Lair, who was able to see the scores on the leaderboard and played the game several times. I was able to see the scores and view her games till about the 4th game, when I froze up and had to manually shut down my PS3.

There is no consistent pattern to my problems except that any score over 819 results in a kick or freeze up. This is extremely frustrating. I want to play my games.

1. Completely delete Villain's Lair, which I am unable to do myself, and reinstall.
2. Have 2 Mods over, one who has the game, and one who does not, to experience this for themselves and take the proper course of action to correct it.


1. I will receive no helpful replies.
2. Nothing will be done in the hopes it will just go away. Believe me, it will not.

I hope this has been thorough enough to get something done about it. Thank-you.

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