Problems buffering trailers in " 2010 event" area

From the tech support graveyard:

So I've gotten all but 2 of the rewards from the " 2010 reel of fortune" game (the dead nation and socom ones), but I'm having trouble getting them. If I enter the game and the trailer is of a game other than the 2 forementioned, it owrks fine. But if the trailer is for one of those 2 games, the screen flashes the "buffering" sequence for a split second before remaining black. It does nothing but just remain black and not load the trailer. I've waited for a very long time (10 minutes or more) numerous times in hopes that it will change and I can earn my rewards, but nothing changes. When the screen remains black, the other players are stuck looking at the "waiting for other player" screen and usually get too frustrated and just leave. I have no idea what's causing this. Please help me out!
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