Awards in crappiness.

So it seems more and more topics keep appearing in the tech support graveyard involving the apparent & constantly missing items. In this most recent post:

For the last year, I've NEVER had a problem with Home.  Except for a occassional disconnect, HOME has never screwed me over the way it did this morning.  Woke up, logged on, and found out:

Every reward from every promotion since E3 - GONE
Every reward from most of the spaces, such as Motorstorm, Siren, the HOME theatre, IREM Square, ETC... - GONE
Only stuff I have left is ones I bought from the PSN store for FREE
I had atleast 100 rewards from different spaces and promotions now completely erased from HOME for no reason.
Moderators, do something about this bug.  PLEASE.
 When using Home we usually warn people not to invest money into it, because it is the easiest thing on the Playstation Network to lose money on. However we often forget to make mention that investing time into getting reward items is just as futile because they are constantly lost. Easiest solution: don't use Home.

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