Bioshock's "Active Furniture" problem

From the tech support graveyard:

I have the Bioshock apartment it's really nice. I then bought all the bioshock furniture. There are ten pieces total. Six (6) of them I repeat Six (6) are "active furniture". Then when you purchase the Bioshock space you get one more "active furniture" the incinerate poster. For a total of seven (7) "active furniture" pieces. To add insult to injury you can only use two (2) "active furniture" in any space including Bioshock.

How are two sofa's, two chair's and three poster's all that do nothing. "Active Furniture".   Now what do I do I was trying to have a Bioshock only space now I can't.I can see why there is "active furniture" namely the active 8 UFO kinda fun. Even the star wars statue it's head moves at least. What does this furniture do that makes these active.

When I called support asking them why? They knew nothing I ask them why is there no warning that this item is "active furniture". I got a no comment and they said no refunds.  Playstation I think your system is great.  But you have to fix this....
 Translation for those unaware, a Home space is an area you can purchase and decorate. An "active item" is an item that has some type of active element. However it is limited to two items, which you're only told after you purchase them and try to decorate with them. Home has no official FAQ or "How to" documentation. So this poor person bought the biosock apartment then 7 more pieces. Now the user is stuck with the bill for things they cannot use.

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